Strong Monthly Giving Program

How to Build a Strong Monthly-Giving Program in Less Than One Afternoon

Books, Monthly Giving
Book Review: How to Create Lifelong Donors through Monthly Giving by Harvey McKinnon The most important thing you need to know about fundraising is this: Everything you do is about finding and stewarding three types of donors: Major (and mid-value)…
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What Millennials Can Do for Your Organisation (or rather, What Millennials Can Do TO Your Organisation)

What’s the best way to get donations from people under 40 years old? Wait until they are over 40. No, I’m not making a joke. With rare exceptions, people under 40 are not a priority for fundraising approaches. They are…
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The Surprisingly Effective Way to Up Your Fundraising Game and Find Your Most Devoted Donors

Monthly Giving
This may come as a surprise, but one of the most financially significant things any nonprofit activist organization can do is have a monthly giving program. Monthly giving programs are the lifeblood of many of the biggest activist organizations. Amnesty…
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Activism Organisers: Why You Should Know About Fundraising

Jeff Brooks, Fundraisingologist at Moceanic and Harvey McKinnon of Harvey McKinnon Associates, explore the amazing overlaps between activism and fundraising. The two things, often seen as extremely different, are really two sides of the same coin. Understanding fundraising can make activists…
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What’s Your ‘Wedge’ in Campaigning? You Need it to Win!

Lynne Boardman and Harvey McKinnon of Harvey McKinnon Associates look at a powerful way of winning over “swing” voters and supporters — the Wedge. It’s a way to get the support of people who are “on the fence.” This works in…
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Why Direct Mail is SO Powerful: Even Now

Direct Mail
Harvey McKinnon, Harvey McKinnon Associates, and Sean Triner, Fundraisingologist at Moceanic take a close look at direct mail, the most important source of donors and donations in most countries around the world. Direct mail not only raises a lot of…
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How Can I Get More Monthly Donors Without a Big Budget?

Monthly Giving
Christiana Stergiou, Fundraisingologist with Moceanic, and Harvey McKinnon, Harvey McKinnon Associates tackle an important question from blog reader Bec: How can I get more monthly givers without a big budget? You’ll find the answers remarkably helpful. Because a big budget…
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Mid-Value Donors: Neglected and Desperate to Help

Fundraising, Major and Mid Value Donors
Harvey McKinnon, Harvey McKinnon Associates, and Sean Triner, Fundraisingologist at Moceanic, discuss that important group of donors who fall between your top donors and your general donors. Learn how to treat them and communicate with them in ways that will…
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Marketers and Fundraisers need to work together to achieve their goals

MarComms Are Not the Enemy: How to Explain Why Fundraising Writing Is Different

Harvey McKinnon, of Harvey McKinnon Associates, and Jeff Brooks, Fundraisingologist, Moceanic, talk about the all-too-common problem of marketing/communications departments weakening fundraising. It often feels like it, but marketing people are not the enemy! There needs to be an understanding between…
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