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Fundraising and Communications: How Not to Be the Cats and Dogs of the Nonprofit World

Branding, Workplace
Cats and dogs: We expect them to be lifelong enemies, always in conflict. That’s how it is much of the time. But in some cases, they peacefully co-exist. Sometimes, they really love each other. In the fundraising world, we have…
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[VIDEO] How Advertising and Awareness Campaigns Work in Fundraising

Boards and Fundraising, Branding
Will a big awareness campaign improve your donor acquisition efforts? The answer may surprise you. This short video (13 minutes) will give you some very useful information for what could be one of the most important strategic decisions you make…
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The 3 Audiences for All Fundraising

The 3 Audiences for All Fundraising — Ignore at Your Own Risk!

Branding, Demographics
You’ve heard this quote, attributed to American department store magnate and later Postmaster General for the US Postal Service, John Wanamaker: “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  A pretty amazing insight. And…
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Why Commercial-Style Branding Will Destroy Your Fundraising

Why Commercial-Style Branding Will Destroy Your Fundraising

Commercial-style branding is a clearly defined discipline, developed over the past hundred years or so for the marketing of goods. The whole notion of commercial branding — that you make a promise and fulfil it with a product — collapses…
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Made to stick

Six Steps to Make Your Communications Sticky

Donor Love, Branding, Donor Psychology, Storytelling
How do you make sure that everything you write grabs the reader’s attention, engages them and makes something happen? After all, there is no point writing stuff that doesn’t have the desired outcome. Even if that outcome is to help…
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Thank You For ‘Hanging Out’ With Me

Trends, Branding, Demographics, Direct Mail, Donor Love
By reading my articles, I guess you care about making the world a better place and raising more money for the causes you care about. I am chuffed by the feedback I get from my updates (please send more –…
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