Who is more likely to give you $5000?

Who is Most Likely to Give You $5,000?

Benchmarking, Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising
Quiz question: Who is most likely to donate $5,000? Picture this scenario. You have two donors. Donor A Kate (and her husband, Clarke).  In their mid 40’s, with two kids. They donate automatically every month through their credit card.  They…
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Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Benchmarking, Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising
I believe the new big thing for charities (and something Roger Craver of The Agitator has pointed out) is something really old-fashioned: talking to your donors face to face. Especially mid-value donors and those considering making bequests. The charities that…
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Make More for Your Cause with the Pareto Principle

Make More for Your Cause with the Pareto Principle

Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising
When we founded Pareto Fundraising, my friend Paul and I named it that for a reason: The mathematical concept of the Pareto Principle. Most people in direct marketing understand the principle in general. They get that 80% of your income will…
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Your Definitive Guide To Face-To-Face Fundraising

Monthly Giving, Benchmarking, Trends
Please click here to get a PDF of Your Definitive Guide to Face-to-Face Fundraising sent to your inbox. Face-to-face has been a great way to find new supporters and raise money. But is ‘face-to-face’ monthly giving acquisition a worthy strategy…
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How Many Times Can You Mail Your Donors Before They Rise Up And Kill You?

Benchmarking, Direct Mail, Donor Psychology, Maths of Fundraising
So how often should you mail? Pareto Fundraising, the company I co-founded before Moceanic, looks at data and tries to work out what the optimum communications program should be to maximise lifetime value from donors. Donors are very expensive to…
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What is Essential Data to Capture and Why?

Trends, Monthly Giving
It’s called “rage giving” — impulsive donations to organisations seen as resisting the agenda of US President Trump. It has resulted in an astounding outpouring of philanthropy for some organisations: The American Civil Liberties Union has raised more than $80…
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Magical New Survey Type Can Power Fundraising Growth for Years to Come

Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors
Thanks for all the fantastic messages from the Moceanic fundraising community. I’m feeling very welcome — thank you! One of the things I’m most excited about at Moceanic is sharing knowledge and learning even more about fundraising… Moceanic is all…
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Should My Pareto Score Worry Me?

Trends, Benchmarking, Maths of Fundraising, Monthly Giving
Should you be concerned about your Pareto ‘score’? Following a post on Moceanic Facebook about the Pareto Principle, Daniel Peyton from Habitat for Humanity asked me if there was a Pareto split that a charity fundraiser should be concerned about. For…
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Fundraising in Australia From Individuals: a Lovely Infographic

Trends, Benchmarking
Every year loads of wonderful Australian and New Zealand charities collaborate on learning about their market together. Here is the infographic summary for Australia.  Useful abroad too! And if you are based in Australia or New Zealand, click here to…
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Pareto Principle

How Accurate is the Pareto Principle?

Maths of Fundraising, Monthly Giving
Hopefully, you know all about the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule.   In fundraising, it means concentrating more resources on the 20% of people who would, theoretically, give you 80% of your future revenue.   Pareto2 (Pareto…
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