Your Data Rights

Your Data and Privacy Rights

Please note, this information is regularly updated. We also regularly update this page with the partners we engage to help us manage and process data.


We respect your privacy and your data rights, regardless of where you live and what legislation or regulations apply to your country. That’s why we comply with standards that are much stricter than what most countries around the world require.

Starting in May 2018, people who live in the European Union have their privacy and data rights strengthened significantly by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here are the ways the team at Moceanic respects, manages, and secures the data you provide to us.

Privacy Policy

Moceanic has a clear privacy policy. You can find it here.

How Moceanic uses your data

The team at Moceanic uses the information you give us to send you helpful and relevant updates and offers. You can easily change your communications preferences or opt out at any time.

You are in control of your data

You can choose what types of messages you receive from Moceanic by visiting the Moceanic Preference Center.

You can also choose how we contact communicate with you. Moceanic contacts you mainly by email, but we do occasionally use SMS, phone, or post. You can opt out of any of these methods at any time.

You will find a link to the Moceanic Preference Center on many emails you receive from Moceanic.

You can easily request that we update your data if anything is incorrect or changes. Just email [email protected] with your change.

You also can have full access your data. We will provide you with a record of all data pertaining to you. We do this by providing a machine-readable format (such as an .xls file) from our database. Please email [email protected] if you have this request.

How to say good bye

Please don’t go!  But if you need to, you can always opt out of any or all updates, offers, marketing emails you receive from Moceanic. We will stop contacting you as quickly as possible. This may take up to 5 days to take effect.

You also have the right for your data to be forgotten or totally deleted. This means we delete your data from all of our communications, records and databases. If you wish to do this, please email [email protected] with this special request.

Please note that if you opt-in again to any Moceanic marketing activities, such as registering for webinars, requesting a free e-book or other online opt-in forms, you may be opting back in to Moceanic marketing.

How Moceanic secures your data

Moceanic has an internal data security policy that provides our team with strict procedures and processes to make sure your data is secure. For security reasons, we don’t publish this policy online. The policy includes data processing agreements with our suppliers who process data on our behalf, encryption for data that we hold on our cloud servers, and ensuring that data in transit is strictly protected in the most secure way possible.


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Special notes for people living in the EU:

Data Controller

Better World Communication Limited (Moceanic) is the Data Controller.

We have appointed Christiana Stergiou as our Data Protection Officer.

Better World Venture Limited (Moceanic)
6F Luk Kwok Center
72 Gloucester Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Email [email protected]

Data Processors and Sub-processors*

As we serve our clients, we contract a range of suppliers who may process your data. We have Data Processing Agreements with these suppliers. They, in turn, may contract additional suppliers who are known as sub-processors.

This list of data processors that Moceanic engages is regularly updated, and in the links, you will be able to view the sub-processors that they engage:

Data Processor Location More information
Infusionsoft USA
Drobox USA
Stripe USA
WP Engine USA
Typeform USA, Germany

* This list is regularly updated as we engage new partners to support our business. Please check back to review any updates to our list of data processors.

Want more information?

We’d love to help. Please contact our data protection officer by email at [email protected].