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6 Top Tips for Landing Pages That Lead Donors to Action

Digital Fundraising
Your landing page is the make-or-break moment for your digital fundraising campaign. Get it wrong and you can lose a lot of money from would-be donors. The good news is that nonprofit landing pages have improved in recent years. Thanks…
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New Digital Workshop Is Taking People to New Places

Digital Fundraising, Fundraising Training Needs
You’ve seen this before: The digital hot-shot fires up his pitch for whatever it is he’s selling that promises to change the game for your fundraising. He talks fast and gives a lot of details that can be hard to…
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5 Common Mistakes That Can Trip Up Your Digital Fundraising

Digital Fundraising
Here are some extremely common and costly errors nonprofits make in their online fundraising. I’m bringing them up not to call anyone out, but to point out these common traps. They happen to a lot of fundraisers because they’re easy…
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How to Succeed in Digital Fundraising: 7 Universal Laws

Digital Fundraising
We often think of “Digital” as a channel, like “direct mail” or “phone.” In reality though, “digital” is a universe of channels with distinct roles and rules. Everything from websites and email to messaging and social platforms, countless apps, different…
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4 Ways to Reclaim Your Productivity from Negative Emotions

Productivity, Self-Care
Remember that old thought experiment where you imagine you have a choice: A job where the work is fulfilling and the pay is great, but all your work is destroyed every day. You make no impact on the world. A…
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I’ve Had the Same Fundraising Job for 20 Years — Here’s Why

Self-Care, Workplace
Guest post by Jill Perry, Manager of Annual Giving at Providence Hospice of Seattle and member of The Fundraisingology Lab by Moceanic. It was 2003, and I was finishing up a Master’s degree in public administration. I began graduate school…
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