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2 Fundraising Myths You Can Easily Avoid

Fundraising Myths
Don’t believe everything you hear. I realize I hardly need to tell you such an obvious piece of advice. But there are a lot of beliefs about fundraising that can really hurt your program. These things keep getting repeated, year…
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Discover the Power of Inclusive Fundraising for ALL Donors

Demographics, Donor Love, Inclusivity
Here’s some good news for fundraisers: If you make your fundraising work for everyone, regardless of their visual acuity, reading ability, attention, or knowledge and expertise — you make it better for everyone else too. That means when you write,…
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How to Tell Fundraising Stories and Avoid What Makes Them Go Wrong

Excerpted from The Storytelling Fundraiser by Professor Russell James. The full book (along with many other fundraising resources) is available for free at Encourage Generosity. An effective fundraising story isn’t just a good story. It must do something. It must…
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12 Ways to Get “Unstuck” When You’re Struggling to Be Productive

It’s not just you! Feeling “stuck” while you are trying to get your work done is something everyone faces at some time or another. Here are some ways you can deal with that feeling and get back to that sense…
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The Top Secret for Raising Funds Online

Digital Fundraising
This might come as a surprise: If you want to make email fundraising work, use the fundraising and direct response tools you already know. Nearly every time I look at an online fundraising program that’s not pulling its weight, I…
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Fundraising and Communications: How Not to Be the Cats and Dogs of the Nonprofit World

Branding, Workplace
Cats and dogs: We expect them to be lifelong enemies, always in conflict. That’s how it is much of the time. But in some cases, they peacefully co-exist. Sometimes, they really love each other. In the fundraising world, we have…
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