Sorry darling

Sorry Darling, Not Everyone Wants a Relationship With You

Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising, Monthly Giving
It’s a question that many fundraisers ask me about mid-value donors. And it’s one of the key things that came up at my webinar All About Mid-Value Donors yesterday: How can I identify those donors ‘worth’ an extra investment in time…
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pop art thank you speech bubble from dreamstime

My Thank-You Message Raised Loads of Money! Why Is Sean Complaining?

Donor Love, Digital Fundraising, Major and Mid Value Donors
I got this brilliant message from April Kelsey – a fundraising and communications specialist based in Hampton, VA, USA. Hey, Sean! Today I made about $100k off ONE thank you email, applying techniques I’ve been learning from you and others…
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Thank You For ‘Hanging Out’ With Me

Trends, Branding, Demographics, Direct Mail, Donor Love
By reading my articles, I guess you care about making the world a better place and raising more money for the causes you care about. I am chuffed by the feedback I get from my updates (please send more –…
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amnesty netherlands sign up e1515673149945

Welcoming e-News Subscribers

Digital Fundraising, Donor Love
A friend just asked me about the best practice for welcoming people who sign up for e-news or updates through your website home page. Well, as always, it depends.  Is the purpose of the newsletter, information, fundraising or service provision? …
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Amnesty International

Great Donor Care from Amnesty International

Direct Mail, Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors
You know how we all worry about overheads? Well, Josh O’Rourke, a relationship fundraiser from Amnesty International Australia had a good approach with one of his mid-value donors. Having met up with a mid-value donor who had ‘only’ ever given…
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TheMostPowerfulToolinFundraising SeanTriner

The Most Powerful Fundraising Tool in the World

Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors
Understanding Donors The most important asset a fundraising organisation has is its database of supporters. But only if it is actually recording useful information. Luckily, most organisations record main contact details plus transactions. In other words, you know where someone…
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Donor care

Fantastic Donor Care

Direct Mail, Donor Love
Everyone talks about stewardship and donor care, but great examples are actually pretty rare. But it is actually not that hard to ‘do’ great donor care. Nor is it that expensive. Looked at in another way, NOT doing donor care…
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Green Peace lead the way

Greenpeace Lead the Way

Digital Fundraising, Donor Love, Donor Psychology
We are working on a new thing here in Australia.  It doesn’t sound new, but it could have a profound impact on how charities use social media. Visit Greenpeace Australia on Facebook and leave a comment on one of their…
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Soi Dog Foundation

Superb Customer Care: I am Great!

Digital Fundraising, Donor Love
Well, according to Soi Dog Foundation I am – and so are all their other donors. I got this email (click to enlarge) thanking me for my support; it has a lovely video and great copy. And then when I…
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Pop art letter with quill

How to Write a Thank You Letter

Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Donor Love
First question: should you even bother? The anecdotal evidence for thank you letters is huge – many donors say they like them. Lots of opinion research shows that donors are more likely to give if ‘they know what their money…
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