Do long letters in fundraising still work?

The Weird Power of Long Fundraising Letters

Direct Mail, Donor Psychology, Major and Mid Value Donors
Long letters work better. But don’t just take it from me. Dr Barnardo wrote a four-page appeal letter in London in the 1880s using classic direct mail techniques: Underlining, urgency, dollar handles, specific ask and a clear reference to what…
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A Great Way to Boost Donations in Your Next Appeal

A Great Way to Boost Donations in Your Next Appeal…

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
…And Build Awesome Relationships With Major Donors I have a little story about Jason Smith, a quiet and unassuming Quebecois guy living in Melbourne, Australia.  In 2016 he worked as the fundraising manager at Burnet Institute. The Institute is a…
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AMREF Holland Mid Value Whole Pack Photo 3 e1514453977164

The Easiest Case for Support

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
Bas, a new fundraiser at a Dutch charity decided he needed to get out and meet some donors.   He looked at those donors who had given by direct mail since that was most of them.  The third donor he…
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Soi Dog Foundation

What Works on Facebook: Old Fashioned Direct Mail Offers

Digital Fundraising, Direct Mail
It is great to see that the techniques we learned in direct mail seem to apply in the digital space too. I reckon that in direct marketing, nothing has actually changed in how the ‘offer’ works. Just we deliver it…
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Soi Dog Foundation Landing Page

Some Quick Tips of Fundraising Landing Pages

Digital Fundraising
There are lots of good tips on landing pages when you search the web but it seems not enough. Lots of people are wanting specific tips on fundraising landing pages. So here is a six-minute short video for you… …
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