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Your Definitive Guide To Face-To-Face Fundraising

Monthly Giving, Benchmarking, Trends
Please click here to get a PDF of Your Definitive Guide to Face-to-Face Fundraising sent to your inbox. Face-to-face has been a great way to find new supporters and raise money. But is ‘face-to-face’ monthly giving acquisition a worthy strategy…
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Digital Fundraising Beyond Doggies and Dolphins

Digital Fundraising, Trends
The Soi Dog Foundation and Australia for Dolphins have had enormous success in global fundraising using the digital ‘multi-step’ approach. Although based in Thailand and Australia respectively, the two charities fundraised globally with shocking images, which helped them get traction.…
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Soi Dog Foundation

Superb Customer Care: I am Great!

Digital Fundraising, Donor Love
Well, according to Soi Dog Foundation I am – and so are all their other donors. I got this email (click to enlarge) thanking me for my support; it has a lovely video and great copy. And then when I…
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Soi Dog Foundation

What Works on Facebook: Old Fashioned Direct Mail Offers

Digital Fundraising, Direct Mail
It is great to see that the techniques we learned in direct mail seem to apply in the digital space too. I reckon that in direct marketing, nothing has actually changed in how the ‘offer’ works. Just we deliver it…
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