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VIDEO: Roger Craver on the Amazing Donor-Behavior Prediction Tool You Can Use Now

Donor Psychology
Roger Craver, founder of DonorVoice and editor at the must-read blog, The Agitator, describes the power of the donor commitment survey, a simple three-question survey that’s highly predictive of donor giving. He’ll show you how to put it to work…
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Where For Art Thou Major Donors? The #1 Secret To Finding Those Hidden Major Donors.

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
Fundraisers can spend a lot of time asking “Where can I find some major donors?” They can spend enormous resources searching for these loving and generous people in all kinds of places. Clever fundraisers do it the easy way: They start…
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Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Benchmarking, Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising
I believe the new big thing for charities (and something Roger Craver of The Agitator has pointed out) is something really old-fashioned: talking to your donors face to face. Especially mid-value donors and those considering making bequests. The charities that…
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Who Needs a Funny New Word? Well, You and I Do!

Moceanic: It’s about love, depth, and how together we are going to change the world by changing the way we do fundraising. I’m really grateful to you for reading my articles. It’s your comments, feedback, and participation that gave me…
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