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How to Create Amazing Fundraising That Goes Beyond “Donor as Hero”

Donor Psychology
June Steward previously wrote about the challenges of effectively motivating donors to give while fully respecting the dignity of those donors who wish to help, and without promoting a sense of “white saviourism.” (See Worried about “donor as hero” fundraising?…
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Worried about “donor as hero” fundraising? Here’s another way to think about it

Trigger Warning: this post contains examples of fundraising that address child sex trafficking. Imagine this. As a smart fundraiser, you’ve put together a compelling appeal. It has an emotional story. A tangible offer. And direct asks in all the key…
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3 Ways to Raise Funds When Your Cause Isn’t Exciting

Donor Psychology, Writing
I’ve heard many a fundraiser bemoan the fact that their cause isn’t easy.   What do they consider “easy”? They often say it’s cancer. Or helping children. Or rescuing animals.  Whether those topics are actually easier or not is debatable.…
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