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Which Pile of Money Would You Rather Have?

Boards and Fundraising, Donor Psychology, Trends
Dan Pallotta couldn’t have been more right with his TED talk ‘The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong.’ But he wasn’t just trying to explain the importance and good that ‘overhead’ does for charities to the public and media. It’s also the charity staff who really need to…
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Don’t Send Your Board Dan Pallotta’s Brilliant Video

Trends, Boards and Fundraising
Please DON’T email Dan Pallotta’s brilliant TED talk to your board. Recently I posted a Seven-Point Guide for Ensuring Respect of Fundraising and quite a few people got in touch to talk about their frustrations in this area. I had…
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Wounded Warrior Project

In Defence of Fundraising

Excellent stuff from the Charity Defense Council in the USA this week. They called out the mainstream media on damaging press coverage of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). In summary, CBS and New York Times reported in unfavourable language about…
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