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Sean Triner is a Co-Founder of Moceanic and Pareto Group. With over three decades of experience in fundraising and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in mathematics, Sean has a wealth of fundraising expertise to share with Moceanic members and blog readers. He is also a coach and available for bookings on the Coaching+ program for fundraisers to help answer your questions and work hands-on directly with you.

The Not Really a Newsletter Newsletter That Can Supercharge Your Donor Retention

The Not-Really-a-Newsletter Newsletter That Can Supercharge Your Donor Retention

Donor Care, Newsletters
Almost all fundraisers understand the value of a donor newsletter: They improve donor retention by showing donors that their giving makes a difference. Newsletters can also raise net revenue on their own. It’s a major win-win for fundraisers. Here’s some…
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[VIDEO] How Advertising and Awareness Campaigns Work in Fundraising

Boards and Fundraising, Branding
Will a big awareness campaign improve your donor acquisition efforts? The answer may surprise you. This short video (13 minutes) will give you some very useful information for what could be one of the most important strategic decisions you make…
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Want More Fundraising Revenue? Give Donors a Personalised Experience!

Direct Mail, Writing
You’re at a party with people chatting all around you. You can’t hear specific conversations.  But then something happens: your name is mentioned.  Instantly, your attention is captured!* Your brain has an amazing ability. It sifts and sorts through millions…
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Do I Still Love Premiums!? (2022 update added)

Direct Mail, Bequests and Legacies, Major and Mid Value Donors, Monthly Giving
Are premium direct mails still pulling their weight in donor acquisition? Direct mail, and in particular, premium direct mail, provided the largest source of new ‘one-off’ donors in Australia and New Zealand in 2016.  Also, direct mail is also the…
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How to Make Super-Successful Mid-Value Donor Calls

Major and Mid Value Donors
Do you ever get the feeling that if you could just talk directly with each of your donors, most of them would gladly give? That is mainly true. Most of your donors want to give. They believe in your cause…
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Webinars: The Powerful New Tool for Connecting with Your Donors

Major and Mid Value Donors
One of the unexpected things we’ve learned from the pandemic is how to have amazing online webinars with donors. They can really build donor relationships — and raise funds. I realize by the time you’ve had your fifth Zoom meeting…
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The Sure Way to Raise More Money from Your Best Donors

It takes money to make money. Easy to say, not always easy to do. But there’s one way where spending a bit more money yields immediate and often significant return: Create a bigger, better direct mail pack for your top…
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Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving: Your Secret to Long-Term Success in Fundraising

Monthly Giving
I have some good news for you: Almost every donor on your donor database has the capacity to be a mid-value donor — or higher. It doesn’t necessarily require a large bank balance to give a much above average amount.…
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How to Transform Your Fundraising from a Merry-Go-Round to a Journey

Bequests and Legacies, Major and Mid Value Donors, Monthly Giving
You’ve probably felt this: Year after year, campaign after campaign, you work so hard to do great fundraising. Sometimes it goes great! 😃 Sometimes things don’t work very well. 🙁 You have amazing years and difficult years. 😃 🙁 😃…
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[VIDEO] What Fundraisers Should Do — and NOT Do — During the COVID-19 Crisis

This is a must-see video for everyone wondering what to do next during the coronavirus crisis. Today, I speak with long-time colleague Mary Anne Plummer of Exuberance Unlimited about what fundraisers should be doing — and NOT doing: DO keep…
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