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Moceanic is built for a worldwide community of like-minded fundraisers like you. We love to help you change the world by changing the way you do fundraising, with quality, focused, experience-based online knowledge sharing and our one-to-one unique coaching+ packages. We are part of the community of fundraisers who understand that great fundraising comes from the head — knowing and applying fundraising knowledge — AND the heart — loving and respecting donors. Here’s Moceanic’s Co-founder, Sean Triner, to tell you more…

Sean Triner, Co-Founder

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Deep – Free + Useful

We’re here for you with loads of useful and FREE resources and information. Check out the Moceanic Blog that features news, articles and videos. There’s a vast ocean of free content here for you to use right now, and more is added every week. Make sure you’ve signed up so you’ll get notified about our super-useful free webinars too.

Deeper Online Courses
Deeper: Online Courses

You can learn from the best fundraising experts around with our online courses. Learn what you need, whenever you want and wherever you want. Keep an eye out for our upcoming courses about supporter connection surveys, mid-value fundraising, legacies and bequests, fundraising communications, monthly giving and much, much more.

Deep – Free Useful
Deepest: Your Access to Brilliant Fundraising Minds

Get one-on-one live access to some of the smartest fundraisers in the world with our online Moceanic Coaching+ packages. They’ll work with you on your specific fundraising issues, bringing decades of experience to your organization. Work directly with one of our staff gurus:
Author, blogger and all-round fundraising communications superstar Jeff Brooks.
Data-led fundraising global pioneer Sean Triner.
We also have some wonderful well-known fundraising and communication gurus guest presenting our courses and workshops too.

Moceanic: A values-based business

Moceanic is a values-based business. We are about changing the world and working with organisations that share our values.

We are a team of people who believe in equity, fairness, compassion, and love.

We love working with people trying to protect the environment and reduce the suffering of animals and humans through research, education, care, arts and advocacy – organisations such as hospitals, cancer care and research, overseas aid, universities, arts and development.

In addition, we love to work with progressive charities, educators and movements working in social justice, poverty alleviation, education, LGBT+ rights, arts, human and animal rights, anti-discrimination, and protecting the environment.

This could include organisations such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Amnesty International, WWF, Greenpeace and progressive political organisations like GetUp! and MoveOn.  

We won’t work with organisations that oppose these movements.

Our content is also available for agency staff, consultants and suppliers who work with the sort of organisations that we support.

This is important to us, and we reserve the right to choose not to train people working directly for, or on behalf of, organisations whose missions or values do not align with ours.

Here’s What Smart Fundraisers Have to Say About Our Team

Nicky Averill Headshot

I am getting so much out of my membership. Your Fundraising Success Path workshop is the most valuable learning tool I have come across since I began fundraising.

The Fundraisingology Lab Facebook group provides wonderful real-time examples of campaigns — what a generous and sharing community! It’s lovely to know it’s there whenever I need advice.

Nicky Averill, New Zealand

Health Organization

Lawrence Kasmir photo

As a result of The Fundraisingology Lab, we’re $50,000 up compared to last year, and our connections with major donors is going from strength to strength!

Everyone in my organization was skeptical of my appeal letter. But when the money started streaming in, their doubt turned to trust. I’m humbled to be part of an amazing learning community at the feet of the BEST in the field. Thank you.

Lawrence Kasmir, Israel

Environmental Organization

moceanic quote

We took in $95,378 for our annual appeal this year, an increase of almost 40% of what we’ve ever taken in for an appeal! I have to thank Jeff Brooks for his course because I painstakingly followed his formula, and it obviously worked!

Now I have the trust of my ED, and a green light to do a donor survey and bequest letter! Thank you all. This is a huge, huge win!

Michelle Bauer - USA

Human Services Organization


I’ve been a fundraiser for nearly 15 years and out of all the courses I’ve taken, my Moceanic membership has proved the most valuable.  Not only is it useful in keeping up with my continuing education credits for the CFRE, but it also gives me access to the best fundraisers in the world.

Sean Triner’s feedback on my organisation’s COVID-19 emergency appeal resulted in our most successful campaign to date. Moceanic is such a good return on investment that I also signed up one of my staff members. Watching her skills grow as a result of her Moceanic membership is by far the best decision I’ve made as a manager.

Rebekah Trachsel

CFRE - Health Services – Australia


My Moceanic membership gave me the easy opportunity to load up on points towards the education portion of my CFRE application, just by being a member and taking the courses. It took away the hassle of figuring out to meet that requirement, while also providing excellent material and real-life examples to learn from. 10/10 would recommend.

Christina Hoey

CFRE – International Aid – New Zealand


Friends, Moceanic training is a delight. Having been in fundraising for over 17 years and a CFRE, one of my continuing education classes (20 credits) got cancelled because the University closed during COVID. So, I jumped into the courses with both feet … 17 credits banged out and now just need a few more credits before my re-certification deadline. One might think that veteran fundraisers know everything, but I have learned a lot.

Zofia Dripps

CFRE – International Aid – USA


I completed the Donor Love Made Practical module yesterday – totally inspirational. Ngā mihi nui mō te tautoko (thank you for your support).

Nicky Averill

Health Services – New Zealand


Don’t waste another minute and do the Supporter Connection Survey course now. It will be worth your time and money and WILL pay itself back. The benefits are huge, and it’s really helped us up our game across our entire direct mail portfolio.

I think we’ve seen the potential that the survey has, and we’ve only scratched the surface but we know it’s going to grow year on year.

Katherine Richards

Health Services – New Zealand


I attended the 3rd webinar in Erica’s workshop The Recurring Revolution: Monthly Giving Course. What I like the most is the PDF she made for us: the done-for-you letters and phone scripts!! Everyone should download that resource. It will save hours of work. And it will help build (and rebuild) relationships and retain donors. $$$ Good stuff. Thanks.

Julie Cooper

Fundraising Copywriter – USA


I completed the Donor Love Made Practical workshop yesterday – totally inspirational. Ngā mihi nui mō te tautoko (thank you for your support).

Nicky Averill

Health Services – New Zealand