My world has changed since I started my coaching with Moceanic. And when I put my refreshed and much grown knowledge into practice…The result was the best appeal I’ve ever written!

– Alena Plavsic, Fund for Assistance to ROCOR

Moceanic Coaching+

Imagine this. Training specifically tailored to you, your organization, and the specific challenges and opportunities you face.

Think what we could do to crush your targets, raise more money, keep more donors, and transform the financial future of your organization!

And it’s not just the organization that benefits. It’s you and your career. You learn things that you will have for the rest of your life, no matter where your career takes you.

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What is Coaching+?

We call it Coaching, because it’s not about just producing fundraising products and material, but helping you rise to a new level of expertise.

And Coaching+ because we work hands-on with you, equipping you and your colleagues, to master the concept, strategy, and tactics of the project at hand.

It’s a special approach designed to make not only the project at hand stronger, but to improve your entire program and help make you and your staff BETTER and STRONGER. More CONFIDENT, more EFFECTIVE.

Think of your Moceanic coach as a combination of a strategy expert, a fundraising creative director, a drill sergeant, and a friend who will hear you out.

Find out what other fundraisers have to say about their Coaching+

Is Coaching+ Right for Me?

  • If you have a fundraising program that you know or wish could be stronger.
  • If you have 500 (or more) donors who are currently supporting your cause.
  • If you have a vision and a hunger for doing the very best that’s possible.
  • If you are prepared to invest in growth for your cause.

Then you should chat to us about Coaching+!

How Coaching+ Will Change
Everything for You and Your Cause

Get One-on-One, Personalized Coaching Tailored to Your Organization

  • Specific, made-for-you coaching from some of the world’s best fundraising minds.
  • No guesswork, just specialist training tailored to you and your cause. You’re talking directly to the expert, who’s giving all their attention to you and your challenge.
  • Zoom up the learning curve that takes most people years … and become the expert you know you can be.

Beat Your Fundraising Targets by 2x, 3x or More!

  • Learn the best practices and techniques for maximizing your fundraising results – so you don’t leave any money on the table.
  • Gain amazing confidence in your new skills and knowledge – what we teach works, and we’ll make sure it works for you!
  • Your boss, your board, anyone in authority, will pay a lot more attention to what you have to say.

Boost Your Fundraising Knowledge & Further Your Career

  • Coaching+ is an investment in the most important fundraising tool you have – your own knowledge.
  • With Coaching+ YOU become the expert. You will master the concept, strategy and tactics of the project at hand.
  • Once the coaching is finished, you not only have top-quality work, you now have the skills to apply to your fundraising for the rest of your career.

Money-Back Guarantee

If after your first coaching session with us you decide that the coaching program is not for you, let us know within seven days and we will refund all of your coaching sessions.

Coaching+ Commitment to Ongoing Value

If you feel you have not experienced meaningful value from one of your coaching sessions at any time, let us know within seven days and we will give you another coaching session. We want you to love your time with our coaches!

What Other Fundraisers Have to Say About Their Coaching+

In just a few coaching sessions, Rose Young from Baptist World Aid Australia saw an immediate jump in her revenue, and a 10:1 return on her coaching investment.

More important, she and her staff have learned things that’s saving time, money, and energy — allowing them to spend their time doing more productive things and coming up with amazing new ideas.

Corinna Wagner of ADRA Austria’s coaching experience has been even better than she expected,

resulting in astounding fundraising results … at year-end alone, she brought in more than €60,000 in extra income as a direct consequence of the coaching. Speaking from her office in Vienna, Corinna shares what Coaching has meant for her.

Coaching+ works for tiny organizations like Fund for Assistance to ROCOR in the US, here’s Alena…
  • I can’t wait to do more coaching with Jeff!!!!
    My world has changed since I started my training with Moceanic.
    The sessions are so jam-packed with amazing value.
    They’ve given such great advice (even to the point of how to word the exact sentence) on how to talk to skeptics about direct-mail…

    I thought I was doing pretty well after taking a few courses and reading books, but after training with Jeff everything changed.  And when I put my refreshed and much grown knowledge into practice…. The result was the best appeal I’ve ever written which raised around $100K in a month from an audience of 9K people.

    I highly recommend coaching with Moceanic! You’ll never regret it!

    Alena Plavsic
    Aid Foundation, Fund for Assistance to ROCOR

Coaching+ works for medium sized organizations like CBM Ireland, here’s what Niamh has to say…
  • From my coaching with Sean I now have the bones of a new direct mail strategy that I can begin planning.

    It will allow us to spend our direct mail budget wiser and free up time to focus on new areas and diversify our income. And loads of ideas around how to segment and target better came out of the conversation, plus some wise advice about not waiting around for databases and systems to work perfectly for you.

    With limited resources sometimes you need to improvise to make sure the work gets done and still gets done right. Our coaching session was extraordinarily valuable and what I took from it will form a key part of how we get our direct mail working better for us.

    Niamh Ferris
    Fundraising & Communications Manager, CBM Ireland

Coaching + even works for highly experienced fundraisers in large organizations like WWF Australia. Here’s Deb Mills, Senior Philanthropy Manager …
  • The advice we received in our coaching with Moceanic was so practical. We literally implemented the findings the next day. Jeff and Sean gave us very specific tips on making fundraising documents impactful and easy to read. The tips were simple and easy to implement – but made a huge difference to the way we write. Because we applied them to worked examples we put their advice into practice quickly.

    Their advice has changed how we fundraise. We now know how to write in a more engaging, compelling way. And putting the donor at the heart of our work. Without losing quality of content for our major donors. They really helped us simplify the complex. And gave us great industry insights from market testing. It gave us the confidence to tell our story in a completely different way.

    To any fundraisers considering coaching I say do it! Here at WWF we are a group of experienced fundraisers. Between us, we have written many fundraising and grant proposals. We really benefitted from the practical strategies Jeff and Sean gave us. We genuinely implemented the tips they gave us on writing impactful proposals the very next day. And we have used the new skills every week since. People across our whole organisation benefitted. From major gift fundraisers to marketing and engagement managers. Thank you Moceanic!

    Deb Mills
    Senior Philanthropy Manager, WWF Australia

Coaching+ works for extraordinarily experienced fundraisers like Vicki from Charlies Foundation for Research…
  • Thanks so much for our first session today. You’ve exceeded my expectations. As someone who has been fundraising for longer than I care to remember, I’m really excited about what we went through today. Not only did you reaffirm some practices that I know I have to embrace and embed, you also taught me a considerable amount in our first 90 mins. And this doesn’t just relate only to the Christmas mailing before us, but the whole DM program and how this is going to transform Charlies over the next couple of years. You are pushing me outside my comfort zone, but I’m committed to this and my new lessons. How great I feel to know and to say that Charlies has a mid-value donor program!!!

    So that’s just about me, and then there is the impact you’ve had on my team – WOW! The Charlies Foundation for Research fundraising team is going to be a force to be reckoned with……brilliant times are ahead.

    Vicki Rasmussen
    Executive Director, Charlies Foundation for Research