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How to Know Who You Can Trust for Good Fundraising Advice

Fundraising, Trends
You really want to get your fundraising right. You know what’s at stake: Your cause can be well-funded, or under-funded. You carry the consequences of that around like a heavy sack. There’s a lot of advice out there. That’s great,…
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Where do BIG donors come from?

Benchmarking, Major and Mid Value Donors, Trends
This might surprise you: Your next generation of mega-donors are not hiding out at the country club or in CEO suites at the tops of the tallest buildings in town. They may or may not be at those places. But…
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Your Definitive Guide To Face-To-Face Fundraising

Monthly Giving, Benchmarking, Trends
Please click here to get a PDF of Your Definitive Guide to Face-to-Face Fundraising sent to your inbox. Face-to-face has been a great way to find new supporters and raise money. But is ‘face-to-face’ monthly giving acquisition a worthy strategy…
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How the Way You Measure Success Can Shape Your Organization’s Future

Benchmarking, Maths of Fundraising, Trends
When corporations fail to invest in their future, we shake our heads and wonder why they’re so shortsighted. Think of the once-important ice-delivery companies. They didn’t realize they were in the business of providing ice; they apparently thought they were…
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Shocker: The Biggest Problem in Fundraising

Boards and Fundraising, Trends
You spoke, I listened, and you freaked me out a little! I’ve been in the fundraising space for a long time — approaching 30 years. That’s enough time to get married, have a couple of kids, and raise them into…
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What is Essential Data to Capture and Why?

Trends, Monthly Giving
It’s called “rage giving” — impulsive donations to organisations seen as resisting the agenda of US President Trump. It has resulted in an astounding outpouring of philanthropy for some organisations: The American Civil Liberties Union has raised more than $80…
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Should My Pareto Score Worry Me?

Trends, Benchmarking, Maths of Fundraising, Monthly Giving
Should you be concerned about your Pareto ‘score’? Following a post on Moceanic Facebook about the Pareto Principle, Daniel Peyton from Habitat for Humanity asked me if there was a Pareto split that a charity fundraiser should be concerned about. For…
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Which Pile of Money Would You Rather Have?

Boards and Fundraising, Donor Psychology, Trends
Dan Pallotta couldn’t have been more right with his TED talk ‘The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong.’ But he wasn’t just trying to explain the importance and good that ‘overhead’ does for charities to the public and media. It’s also the charity staff who really need to…
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Digital Fundraising Beyond Doggies and Dolphins

Digital Fundraising, Trends
The Soi Dog Foundation and Australia for Dolphins have had enormous success in global fundraising using the digital ‘multi-step’ approach. Although based in Thailand and Australia respectively, the two charities fundraised globally with shocking images, which helped them get traction.…
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Don’t Send Your Board Dan Pallotta’s Brilliant Video

Trends, Boards and Fundraising
Please DON’T email Dan Pallotta’s brilliant TED talk to your board. Recently I posted a Seven-Point Guide for Ensuring Respect of Fundraising and quite a few people got in touch to talk about their frustrations in this area. I had…
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