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Two Ways to Approach Your Mid-Value and Major Donors

Major and Mid Value Donors
A well-researched tale about two fundraising approaches. Featuring Bastian the fundraiser at Malnutrition: Unacceptable For Children (MUFC) and Jamie from Let’s Feed Children (LFC). Bastian and Jamie both became fundraisers at about the same time just over a year ago. Both had the job…
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The Hitchhikers Guide to Major Donor Fundraising part 2

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Major Donor Fundraising, Part 2

Major and Mid Value Donors
A few years ago I was telling my Hitchhiker’s Guide to Major Donor Fundraising story to Amnesty International Canada. We were looking together at their major donors, identifying potential people and then going through the hardest bit: asking. I play a…
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Digital Fundraising Beyond Doggies and Dolphins

Digital Fundraising, Trends
The Soi Dog Foundation and Australia for Dolphins have had enormous success in global fundraising using the digital ‘multi-step’ approach. Although based in Thailand and Australia respectively, the two charities fundraised globally with shocking images, which helped them get traction.…
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Amnesty International

Great Donor Care from Amnesty International

Direct Mail, Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors
You know how we all worry about overheads? Well, Josh O’Rourke, a relationship fundraiser from Amnesty International Australia had a good approach with one of his mid-value donors. Having met up with a mid-value donor who had ‘only’ ever given…
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