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The “Middle Siblings” of Fundraising, and How You Can Connect with Them

Major and Mid Value Donors
Mid-value donors are sometimes the “middle children” of donor files. Like the stereotypical middle child, they get less attention than the others. They can “fall through the cracks” and not get the focus and treatment they need. Nonprofits often have…
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The Overhead Myth, and the Pie Chart Solution

Maths of Fundraising
There’s a monster stalking the halls of nonprofit organizations around the world. Every day it smashes, tears, and crushes organizations’ ability to do their mission. The monster is an attitude: The less a charity spends on overhead, the better! It’s…
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5 Things to Keep Fundraising Strong in Strange Times (like Now)

Crises Fundraising
Many fundraisers around the world are getting worse results now than they did during the height of the pandemic. The pandemic has not gone away, but the sense of crisis and community – that widespread feeling that something big is…
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How to Respect Your Time, and Help Your Boss and Colleagues Respect It Too

Maths of Fundraising, Time Management
You are more valuable than you’ve ever imagined. I’m not talking about your value as a unique human being living on this planet. In that sense, you’re infinitely valuable. I’m talking about your value as a professional fundraiser, as measured…
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Easy Fundraising Money: How to Spend More to Make More

Major and Mid Value Donors
People easily accept the idea that for-profit organizations can – and should – invest to make more revenue. That’s how businesses work. Unfortunately, people often struggle with applying that same logic to nonprofit organizations. There’s a widespread belief that nonprofits…
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4 Steps to Make Your Boss Your Fundraising Ally

Boards and Fundraising, Leadership
One of the common conversations in our members-only Facebook community is frustration with bosses or board members making damaging decisions about fundraising — like cutting a multi-page letter down to one page.  It’s common. You’ve probably experienced it too. You…
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How to Measure What Matters in Fundraising

Fundraising, Maths of Fundraising
They say you get more of whatever you measure. It’s especially true in fundraising. But it’s easier said than done. There are a lot of things you could be measuring in fundraising. Not all of them are equally important. Some…
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Do I Still Love Premiums!? (2022 update added)

Direct Mail, Bequests and Legacies, Major and Mid Value Donors, Monthly Giving
Are premium direct mails still pulling their weight in donor acquisition? Direct mail, and in particular, premium direct mail, provided the largest source of new ‘one-off’ donors in Australia and New Zealand in 2016.  Also, direct mail is also the…
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VIDEO How Focus on ROI Can Hobble Your Fundraising

VIDEO: How Focus on ROI Can Hobble Your Fundraising

Maths of Fundraising
I hate to admit it, but a lot of what it takes to be smart about fundraising means doing mathematics. Not my best subject. Fortunately, it’s not super-hard math. And fortunately, we have math geeks like Sean to help us…
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Should You Dive into Direct Mail? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Direct Mail, Maths of Fundraising
You’ve heard the news: Direct Mail is not dead. In fact, it’s still where much of the action is for fundraisers. Does that mean your organisation should dive into Direct Mail if you are not already doing it? Maybe. I’m…
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