Just How “Different” Are Your Donors, Really?

Here’s the most true and untrue statement in fundraising: “Our donors are different from other donors.” Yes, they really are different. And no, they are not! They are both unique and typical. Okay, it may sound like I’m talking out…
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What Your Direct Mail is Like for Real People

Direct Mail, Donor Psychology
I’ve spent a good decade and a half defending direct mail. Mostly in response to anxious nonprofit insiders saying things like “I’d hate to get all the mail we send.” I won’t pretend everyone you mail wants it. And I…
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The Beauty of Ugly Fundraising

How many times have you heard people complain about fundraising — especially direct mail:  It’s so ugly! In fact, you’ll often hear the hypothesis that if it weren’t ugly, it would work a lot better. As if the problem is…
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The Secret of Success: Do Only What Only You Can Do

Fundraising, Fundraising Training Needs
Guest blogger – Dearne Cameron, CEO of Pareto Fundraising (Sorry Moceanic subscribers and Dearne – the email that you may have received about this post did not explain that Dearne is the guest author of this article – not Sean!)…
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Thank You For ‘Hanging Out’ With Me

Trends, Branding, Demographics, Direct Mail, Donor Love
By reading my articles, I guess you care about making the world a better place and raising more money for the causes you care about. I am chuffed by the feedback I get from my updates (please send more –…
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The Easiest Case for Support

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
Bas, a new fundraiser at a Dutch charity decided he needed to get out and meet some donors.   He looked at those donors who had given by direct mail since that was most of them.  The third donor he…
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Direct mail

Using URLs in Direct Mail

Digital Fundraising, Direct Mail
Thanks to Mike Linnemann from the University of Minnesota Foundation, and Tom Ahern, donor communications expert whose recent Twitter conversation inspired this blog. Direct mail is the largest source of new donors in most fundraising markets. Yet, even with an…
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OK, I Want to Mail More But…

A Great Mid Value Mail Pack Explained

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
I asked Ruthann Richardson of Pareto Fundraising to tell us about a Great Mid Value Pack. My favourite mid value pack Looking at the current landscape of fundraising, I can’t help but think that the biggest opportunity for us, as…
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