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4 Steps to Make Your Boss Your Fundraising Ally

Boards and Fundraising, Leadership
One of the common conversations in our members-only Facebook community is frustration with bosses or board members making damaging decisions about fundraising — like cutting a multi-page letter down to one page.  It’s common. You’ve probably experienced it too. You…
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When Someone in Your Organization HATES Fundraising: 4 Ways to Win Them Over

Boards and Fundraising, Leadership, Stewardship
Okay, you’re really getting fundraising down. Your stuff is good. You’re telling great stories, sharing a lot of love with your donors, and putting powerful fundraising offers in their hands. Congratulations! But that doesn’t always mean all is well. We…
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For Fundraising Excellence, Rely on Expertise, Not Opinions

The wonderful Simone Joyaux was at work on this post when she suddenly passed. We hope you enjoy and benefit from her wisdom and inimitable wit! Opinion and expertise are two very different things. It’s not always easy to see…
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It Takes 2 Cultures to Make a Great Nonprofit

It Takes 2 Cultures to Make a Great Nonprofit — and That Can Be Hard!

If your nonprofit seems to be caught in a constant state of conflict about the very nature of how you do your work, you are not alone. I know this because when I asked the Moceanic worldwide community what their…
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