Secret ingredient

The Fundraising Secret Ingredient You’ll Swear by for the Rest of Your Career

My Mom had a secret. It was a magic ingredient she could sprinkle into just about anything she cooked, and it made the food better. More flavorful. Richer. Just yummier in an almost undefinable way. She didn’t want people to…
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Moceanic pop art Survey Question

The Strange Survey Question that Can Help You Uncover Your “Hidden” Major Donors

Major and Mid Value Donors
I could hardly believe it the first time I saw it, but here’s a question that can help you raise a lot of extra money from donors you never knew had the capacity to give large donations. Here’s the question:…
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Pop Art Robot Red Heart

€60,000 of extra fundraising revenue — and that’s not all!

Fundraising Training Needs
Corinna Wagner of ADRA Austria faces a situation a lot of us struggle with: A small donor file. Her donors are great. But without the scale of a larger file, it can be a challenge to make campaigns really work…
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Pop Art Woman WHY

Help! I Did Everything Right, but My Fundraising Still Didn’t Work!

Fundraising, Fundraising Training Needs
It’s so exciting to watch: Someone gets some solid fundraising advice. They put it to work. Results come in: “We doubled the response!” I hear about this a lot. Really, a lot. Doubling. Tripling. Even more. But not always. Now…
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Moceanic Coaching HeroImage

Moceanic Coaching Has Been an Amazing Investment for My Organisation, My Staff, and ME!

Fundraising Training Needs
Rose Young of Baptist World Aid Australia made a smart decision. She signed up to Coaching+ with Moceanic. In just a few coaching sessions with Moceanic Fundraisingologists, she saw an immediate jump in her revenue. More important, she and her…
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Pop Art man jumping with phone e1561507618663

4 Ways to Secure That All-Important Second Gift

Direct Mail, Donor Care, Donor Love
I met up with a fundraiser — let’s call him Brian — a couple of years ago to talk about the work my team had been doing for their donor acquisition program. The direct mail acquisition was doing really well.…
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Pop Art treasure chest money 123rf

5 Reasons You Must Invest in Donor Service

Donor Love
In the commercial world, there is no arguing that:  Customer service has long been recognised as an incredibly important revenue driver. Excellent customer service vastly lowers churn rate (loss of customers). When complaints are handled well,  customers become more loyal than they were before…
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Survey Course

This Survey Type Is Better Than Almost Anything Else You Can Do in Fundraising

Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Donor Love, Major and Mid Value Donors, Monthly Giving
One of the first things I learned about when I joined Moceanic a few months ago was an amazing fundraising technique we called the Supporter Connection Survey. I was blown away… But now I’m even more blown away because I’ve…
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CharityGiveDonate e1519876029586

Here’s a Powerful New Way to Be a More Effective Fundraiser

Fundraising, Fundraising Training Needs
People ask me why I’ve joined my Australian friends in this new company with a funny name. It’s because we’re doing some of the most important and impacting work in the fundraising industry: Helping fundraisers become more effective. So they…
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Pop Art Woman Glasses OMG

Shocker: The Biggest Problem in Fundraising

Boards and Fundraising, Trends
You spoke, I listened, and you freaked me out a little! I’ve been in the fundraising space for a long time — approaching 30 years. That’s enough time to get married, have a couple of kids, and raise them into…
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