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€60,000 of extra fundraising revenue — and that’s not all!

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Corinna Wagner of ADRA Austria faces a situation a lot of us struggle with: A small donor file. Her donors are great. But without the scale of a larger file, it can be a challenge to make campaigns really work well.

But she’s making it happen.

And she’s doing it with the help of Moceanic Coaching+.

Her experience has been even better than she expected, resulting in astounding fundraising results … at year-end alone, she brought in more than €60,000 in extra income. Coaching was a great investment.

Speaking from her office in Vienna, Corinna shares what Coaching has meant for her.

Book a free exploratory call with one of our Fundraisingologists and find out if Coaching+ is right for you. You’ll get some great free advice too!

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