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Here’s a Powerful New Way to Be a More Effective Fundraiser

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People ask me why I’ve joined my Australian friends in this new company with a funny name.

It’s because we’re doing some of the most important and impacting work in the fundraising industry: Helping fundraisers become more effective. So they can raise more money, transform the lives of more donors, and make the world a better place.

Or, to use a phrase I advise fundraisers never to use: capacity building. (It’s incomprehensible jargon for your donors, but you know what I mean!)

One of the ways we do that is Coaching+.

What’s that? Fair question.

Coaching+ is a new way of working with fundraisers that is different to coaching or consulting.

Coaching+ is about increasing the knowledge and effectiveness of people. Showing them how to apply best practices and the long experience of others to their own situation. And it is about them getting their projects done, and done well.

We don’t intend to replace coaching or consulting. There are many top-notch coaches and consultants at work in our industry. If you’re fortunate enough to have a relationship with them, good for you!

Coaching+ with Moceanic is about skills — giving you a deep and complete understanding of specific projects so you can either effectively supervise, outsource… or do it yourself.

Coaching+ is personalized, hands-on training and coaching that you connect with online, in bite-sized chunks, wherever you are.

Example: Bequest Moceanic Coaching+ project… Depending on what you already have in place you might write and produce your bequest marketing letters and bequest brochure — or brief an agency to do those things. You might even develop your budget, KPI measures, conversations guide and training for your bequest staff who call and visit donors. We walk with you every step of the way to guide and encourage you.

Coaching+ sessions are usually 90 minutes, and structured this way:

  • Review: look at your situation, or progress following any previous session.
  • Learn: make sure you know what you need to know to take the next step.
  • Act: identify and outline the action you need to take before your next Coaching+ session.

Think of it as a super-focused, media-rich webinar aimed exactly at your needs.

Here are some of the Coaching+ topics that are ready to go right now:

  • Supporter connection surveys (you may not have heard of this, but it’s something that could revolutionize your fundraising program! Check out my recent article about that here)
  • Mid-value donor fundraising
  • Nonprofit communications
  • Everything you need to know about direct mail
  • Digital fundraising
  • Legacy and bequest fundraising

And there’s even more to come. Coaching+ just might be the thing for you and your organization.

Sean Triner and I would love to chat with you if you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you become an even smarter fundraiser.

You can book a free 25-minute call with either of us to find out more – book quickly because there are only a few of these calls available each week. It’s really simple to do, just click here.

If you cannot see any availability for our free 25-minute calls, then put a note in your diary to try again in a few weeks.

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