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3 Things that Disconnect Donors from Your Cause … and 4 That Connect Them

Donor Love, Stewardship
What does it take for someone to decide to donate to your organisation? Connection. A sense that they are part of something that matters to them. A belief that their giving matters. The knowledge that they are known, appreciated, and…
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4 “Secret” Fundraising Strategies You’ll Wish You Learned Years Ago

Bequests and Legacies, Major and Mid Value Donors, Monthly Giving, Stewardship, Strategy
Do you ever wonder why big nonprofits are big? Is it luck? Longevity? A mega-donor or two? Those things are great, but they aren’t the whole secret. The difference is strategy. Here’s the first surprise about that: the strategies that…
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When Someone in Your Organization HATES Fundraising: 4 Ways to Win Them Over

Boards and Fundraising, Leadership, Stewardship
Okay, you’re really getting fundraising down. Your stuff is good. You’re telling great stories, sharing a lot of love with your donors, and putting powerful fundraising offers in their hands. Congratulations! But that doesn’t always mean all is well. We…
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Fundraising vs. Stewardship: Which is More Important?

What is more important — fundraising or stewardship? I hear this question frequently. A while ago, I asked fundraisers what their #1 challenge was, and many people identified this. It’s not a casual or theoretical question. It’s an urgent, almost…
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