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VIDEO: 6 Big Tips for Big Campaigns

Want to make an important direct mail campaign stronger? Sean and I have six big tips that can really super-charge response: Mail in a stand-out envelope — bigger, more colourful, not the usual!Use a matching gift offer.Enhance the pack in…
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How to Bulk Up Response to Any Fundraising Ask with Matching Funds

I don’t throw around terms like “magic” lightly, because there’s no such thing. But matching funds come close to magic. A match offer can cut through the clutter and encourage more donors to give. In fact, in my experience, a…
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VIDEO: How to Plan Your Christmas Appeal in Advance for Maximum Impact

Direct Mail
It’s Christmas in August here at Moceanic, and Sean has a plan for meaningfully improving your Christmas/Holiday/Year-End campaigns. Starting NOW. This very short video will give you a framework that will not only improve your results during the critical last…
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A Great Way to Boost Donations in Your Next Appeal

A Great Way to Boost Donations in Your Next Appeal…

Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors
…And Build Awesome Relationships With Major Donors I have a little story about Jason Smith, a quiet and unassuming Quebecois guy living in Melbourne, Australia.  In 2016 he worked as the fundraising manager at Burnet Institute. The Institute is a…
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