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VIDEO: 6 Big Tips for Big Campaigns

Want to make an important direct mail campaign stronger? Sean and I have six big tips that can really super-charge response: Mail in a stand-out envelope — bigger, more colourful, not the usual!Use a matching gift offer.Enhance the pack in…
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VIDEO: How To Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign After It Has Gone Out

Direct Mail
In this short video I’m going to show you something amazing:  A way to dramatically improve the performance of a direct mail appeal — after you’ve mailed it. When it’s too late to change it! And it doesn’t involve inventing…
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The Challenge with the Phone and Fundraising

Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising, Monthly Giving
The telephone is one of the most important tools fundraisers have. It truly is a wonderful machine, because it allows us to speak with our lovely donors for little cost. But there’s a problem. Quite often we simply can’t get…
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Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Really Integrating Direct Mail with Major Donors and Bequests

Benchmarking, Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Major and Mid Value Donors, Maths of Fundraising
I believe the new big thing for charities (and something Roger Craver of The Agitator has pointed out) is something really old-fashioned: talking to your donors face to face. Especially mid-value donors and those considering making bequests. The charities that…
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