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VIDEO: Adrian Sargeant on the Most SHOCKING Thing I’ve Learned from Fundraising Testing

Fundraising, Donor Psychology
I asked professor Adrian Sargeant of The Philanthropy Centre about the most shocking thing he’s learned in fundraising testing. Here’s what he told me: Blokes don’t seem to care about morality. I’ll leave it at that because you’ll enjoy what…
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When Is Testing NOT Worthwhile in Fundraising?

VIDEO: Sean Asks Adrian Sargeant: When Is Testing NOT Worthwhile in Fundraising?

I recently had Professor Adrian Sargeant of The Philanthropy Centre on the line, so I asked a quick, but a very important question: When should a fundraiser NOT bother with testing? Really. We go on and on about the importance of…
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Direct mail

Using URLs in Direct Mail

Digital Fundraising, Direct Mail
Thanks to Mike Linnemann from the University of Minnesota Foundation, and Tom Ahern, donor communications expert whose recent Twitter conversation inspired this blog. Direct mail is the largest source of new donors in most fundraising markets. Yet, even with an…
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How to Write a Thank You Letter

Bequests and Legacies, Direct Mail, Donor Love
First question: should you even bother? The anecdotal evidence for thank you letters is huge – many donors say they like them. Lots of opinion research shows that donors are more likely to give if ‘they know what their money…
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