Things We Are Thankful for This Weird Year

Things We Are Thankful for This Weird Year

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The Thanksgiving holiday (this week in the US, last month in Canada, with other nations and cultures celebrating similar holidays at different times) is a special time for fundraisers.

Because we live on thankfulness.

Being thankful is good for you. It improves your personal life. It strengthens relationships. It’s smart in business…

But for us fundraisers, it’s a foundational activity. When we thank the donors who freely give to fund our causes, our thankfulness is a key part of the “transaction.”

So we “get” the idea of giving thanks in a special way.

We asked several members of the Moceanic community what they are thankful for. It might not be an easy question in a tough year like this, but we think you’ll find their answers eye-opening and encouraging.

“I am thankful for all the brave fundraisers who have stayed strong and fundraised with gusto during COVID-19. When everything seemed so uncertain and topsy turvy, they did not weaken. They doubled down to connect with donors like never before. And together with their donors, they bring comfort, justice, and hope for a better tomorrow.”

Julie Cooper

“I’m thankful for those fundraisers whose first task every morning is to make sure yesterday’s donors will be sent a warm and personal thank you note today.”

Roger Craver

“I’m grateful for many things. Perhaps foremost, I feel deeply connected to so many beautiful friends and family. That gives me empathy, energy, a sense of loving, and being loved. I feel I can carry these gifts into my work, which means I’m always enthusiastic about the wonderful work that nonprofits and their donors accomplish.”

Harvey McKinnon

“I’m thankful for the leaders in organizations that prioritize fundraising education for their executive and board … those who were able to keep fundraising, not falter, and make informed decisions to move forward in response to the pandemic with the support of leadership.”

Fiona McPhee

“If every so often you sense a warm and grateful glow, it may have been sent by me. Because every day my copywriter’s heart is filled with thanks to walk this fundraising world with so many brave, passionate nonprofit professionals — and for the boundless generosity of donors — to build a better, brighter, more just world. A world of humanity, sustainability, peace, respect, and love. I love you all. Write on, keep fighting the good fight (the only fight!), and thank you.”

Lisa Sargent

“I’m grateful for the human capacity to love others. Throughout the trials of the past few months, one thing that has shone through is how, if we treat people properly, they are as willing as ever to step up and help others. Even when they have felt personally scared, isolated, disempowered, and disconnected.”

Adrian Sargeant

“I’m incredibly thankful for our members-only community at The Fundraisingology Lab. They are simply the most extraordinary group of people I know. And the opportunity to serve them as they navigated the uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic this year was truly a gift to me.

“Our members have not just survived; many have thrived in 2020. They have given me hope, joy, inspiration. I’ve been brought to tears by some of the difficult challenges they’ve faced, and I’ve jumped for joy to celebrate their success – often on the same day! So as I’ve spent 2020 mostly in my little home office, I am most thankful for every single one of those extraordinary members of The Fundraisingology Lab. Thank you!”

Christiana Stergiou

“This has been a tough year, but I’m thankful for the extraordinary generosity shown by wonderful donors around the world. They have leapt to save charities and their causes: organizations that called upon its supporters in their hour of need were shown the true power of love, generosity and community mindedness.”

Sean Triner

“I am grateful for wonderful fundraisers all over the world who continue to do the best they can under extraordinary circumstances. I am grateful I work in direct mail and the postal service is working so donations are flowing in. I am grateful for those organizations and thought leaders who adopted monthly giving early on, and I’m grateful that I played a part in ‘motivating’ them along as they’re in much less of a pickle than other nonprofits right now.”

Erica Waasdorp

What are you thankful for? Leave it in the comments below. Your thoughts will be a source of strength to other fundraisers.

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  • I am thankful that many experts in the fundraising field are so generous to share their wisdom and advice with those of us who have less years doing this work. I love hearing about what works and what does not, so that I can make my fundraising as effective as possible.

  • Dickson Okel Ebulu
    November 24, 2020 1:38 pm

    I am very thankful also and highly overwhelmed when I read from the testimonies of various non-profit leaders around the world sharing their experiences and supports they’ve receive from many experts in the field of fundraising, I want to join in thanking them for their generosity and expertise shared. We had just sprang in our fundraising activities but was blocked by the pandemic. We are hoping to find Donors that will help us in fundraising to serve our Community better. We are feeling thankful but we have no Donor yet.


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