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Want More Fundraising Revenue? Give Donors a Personalised Experience!

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You’re at a party with people chatting all around you. You can’t hear specific conversations. 

But then something happens: your name is mentioned. 

Instantly, your attention is captured!*

Your brain has an amazing ability. It sifts and sorts through millions of bits of data at any given time, searching for anything of interest to you. It alerts you to relevant information while simultaneously ignoring everything else. As a result, your brain gives you one heck of a personalised experience!

Like you, donors respond to personalised experiences. Their brains are also looking to block out “white noise” and to answer the question, “Is this for me?”

That’s where you come in!

You have the power to help answer with a resounding: “Yes, this is for me!” Donors will feel more connected to your cause when you personalise your fundraising. Doing so will tap into the incredible wellspring of generosity that powers every caring heart. 

Below, I’ve identified three levels of personalisation. Each of them alone is powerful, but the third one is the “secret sauce.” Use all three levels together and your donors will see and feel that you know them. You will move donors from somewhat interested to fully invested!  

1.   Basic Personalisation. This is when you use the donor’s name, location, or other personal details in your communications. Here are examples of a donor’s basic information merged into parts of a letter.

    • Dear <Sean>…
    • I am looking for just <20> people from <Kingscliff> to…
    • Will you make a gift today, <Sean>?

2.   Intermediate Personalisation. This is transactional information based on the donor’s past giving behaviour. Here are a couple of examples:

    • <Sean>, thanks so much for your donation of $<100> to the <East Africa campaign earlier this year>.
    • Since then, the situation has escalated, and I am really hoping you can help with a special gift of $<150>.

3.   Advanced Personalisation. This is also known as “hyper-personalisation,” the phrase coined by the great Mal Warwick. Hyper-personalisation is all about asking donors questions and then reflecting their answers back to them. Really listening to them!

If you want a massive impact on your short- and long-term fundraising revenue, you need to learn how to use this respectful technique – especially with high-value donors. Here are a couple of examples:

    • <I noticed on your recent survey that you have a particular fondness for cats, so I am sure you’ll find Bruno’s story as distressing as I do>
    • <I remember you saying that you have a daughter yourself, and you want other women and girls to be empowered to live their life to their fullest potential>

Hyper-personalisation will increase the lifetime value of a supporter’s gift. It will also improve their well-being (their personal “lifetime value”). They will feel listened to and valued because you’ve listened to and valued them!

The best way to get donors’ answers for hyper-personalisation is through a Supporter Connection Survey. This is a special type of survey tried and tested by hundreds of charities who keep evolving it.  The survey is used to uncover “hidden” mid-level, major, monthly, and legacy donors — all while raising more money from your entire supporter file!

Getting curious? 

Keep an eye out for a FREE workshop that I’ll be sharing soon. It’s all about the game-changing, proven survey method used to generate millions in revenue for nonprofits all around the world. 

Don’t just take it from me. See what others say about the Supporter Connection Survey:

“The survey is really the hidden gem of all the Moceanic tools! It’s unbelievable, truly. Who would’ve thought that to get the know your donors better all you have to do is ask?! We are blown away at the revenue opportunities sending out the survey created for the organization! –Leslie P.

“A typical spring appeal for us raises $20-30K. We got $41K in matching funds thanks to the survey, and overall, it raised $111K! Amazing results especially in the spring, and in a year when we especially needed it.” –Sarah W.

“If you are serious about getting to know your donors and grow your fundraising programme to help your organisation do more life-changing work, then you can’t afford not to do this survey.” –Karla P.

This special survey helped these fundraisers succeed. And it can help you too. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming free workshop that can be transformational for your fundraising and your career!

* For some people, the situation differs because not all brains work alike. 

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