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VIDEO: How a Supporter Connection Survey Transformed Our Fundraising


Rose Young, Campaign Team Leader at Baptist World Aid in Australia, wanted to know how to create a Supporter Connection Survey. She’d heard about them and how effective they are, but had never done one.

She Googled it and found Moceanic. Went through the training. And then worked with us to create and produce a survey of her own.

How did it go?

See for yourself as Rose describes the game-changing numbers of confirmed bequests, donors interested in leaving bequests, donors happy to give $1,000 for the first time, and more.

The payoff was quick … and will last for decades as the bequests come in.

You can get similar results.

To find out how to field your own Supporter Connection Survey, check out our online course about supporter connection surveys. It’s available for members of The Fundraisingology Lab and will show you how to raise more funds for your cause from every channel! 

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  • Any chance of getting a copy of the survey?

    • Christiana Stergiou
      April 8, 2019 11:05 am

      Thanks for your interest, Eliza! Because you’re a member of The Fundraisingology Lab (thank you, great to have you on board!!!) you’ll get access to the full survey and case study soon. For others who are interested, you can find out more about joining The Fundraisingology Lab here.


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