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5 Professional Tips for Making Your Fundraising Stories Sing

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Jeff Brooks joins long-time friend and colleague, Kristine Poggioli to talk about writing great stories for fundraising — for direct mail, email, or any other medium.

Kristine’s tips for fundraising stories that really do the job:

  1. Grab the reader’s attention with a powerful hook.
  2. Know what the donor cares about and focus on that.
  3. It’s never the “victim’s” fault (even when it seems to be).
  4. Focus on headlines, outer envelope teasers, subject lines, etc.
  5. Make everything about the donor!

Put these ideas to work in your stories, and you will raise more money!

Find out more about Kristine Poggioli at her website.

Want to learn how to tell great stories and take your fundraising to new heights? Then you’ll want to find out more about my Blueprint for Donor-Focused, High-Revenue Fundraising Storytelling Course. You can access it when you join The Fundraisingology Lab.


  • Jeff Brooks

    Jeff Brooks is a Fundraisingologist at Moceanic. He has more than 30 years of experience in fundraising, and has worked as a writer and creative director on behalf of top nonprofits around the world, including CARE, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Feeding America, and many others.

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