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How the Supporter Connection Survey Transformed This Fundraiser Forever

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I had never fundraised before. Neither had my colleague, Carrie. 

But to keep our mission at ECAD going strong, fundraising is a necessity. People with disabilities count on our service dogs to help them gain greater independence and mobility.

So we turned to Moceanic for help. 

One of the fundraising tools we learned about was the Supporter Connection Survey. The purpose of this special type of survey is to uncover “hidden” mid-level, major, monthly, and legacy donors you didn’t know were on your file.

I had my doubts. After all, ECAD has a relatively small donor pool. How many “hidden” donors could we possibly have?

But Carrie and I are always up for learning and growing, so we took a leap of faith.

I’m sure glad we did!

Before we sent our donors the Supporter Connection Survey, we had:

  • No bequest program of any kind, and only one possible bequest lead
  • No prospective major gift leads from individual donors
  • Not much of a monthly giving program

After we sent the Supporter Connection Survey, we were completely floored by the results:

  • 6 Confirmed Bequests with 28 Bequest Leads
  • 65 Major Donor Leads
  • 24 Monthly Giving Leads

And after following up on the bequest leads, we went from $0 to a potential pipeline worth up to $729,000!

Carrie and I are just blown away at the revenue opportunities sending out the survey created for our organization. The survey allowed us to immediately identify prospective gifts we had no clue even existed. 

Who would have thought that all you had to do was ask to get to know your donors better?  And this survey helped us ask in a very precise and special way. 

We learned how to write the survey questions and tailor the direct mail packs to each of our wonderful donors. All of this helped maximize the donor experience while generating high value and meaningful leads for us.

The Supporter Connection Survey is the hidden gem of all the Moceanic tools! I can’t say enough how important doing this survey has been for ECAD. Even seasoned fundraisers are sure to boost their fundraising with this survey.

If you are looking to transform your fundraising, you should learn more about the Supporter Connection Survey. It has changed the way we do fundraising FOREVER!! 

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