This Breakthrough in Donor Surveys Can Unlock a Treasure Trove of Bequests

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It may sound unbelievable…

  • Right now, you have donors who are ready to include your organization in their will.
  • They want to leave a legacy that changes the world for future generations.
  • And they’re just waiting for you to ask!

But where are these donors, and how do you ask such a private question?

A special type of survey is the best-known tool for uncovering bequest leads.

The Supporter Connection Survey is a proven method that can be fielded by direct mail or email (preferably both). Its purpose is to find out key details about what individual donors think of your organization and the cause that you share.

This survey will help you find substantial legacy giving leads and other forms of valuable connections with donors.

Not only will the survey identify which of your donors are more generous than you ever imagined, but it also tells you exactly how to ask them about including your charity in their will.

Filling the Pipeline: From $0 to $729,000 with One Survey

Before sending the survey to their supporters, Leslie Pihonak and her colleagues at ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) did not have a bequest program. 

“At the time, we had only one possible bequest lead,” Leslie said.

Their Supporter Connection Survey, however, uncovered six confirmed bequests. It also identified 28 bequest leads from their relatively small donor file. After following up on these leads, ECAD now has a potential pipeline worth up to $729,000!

“We are blown away at the revenue opportunities sending out the survey created for the organization,” Leslie said. “The Supporter Connection Survey really allowed us to immediately identify prospective gifts we just had no clue even existed.”

This survey is resulting in a revenue windfall for ECAD that will play out for years to come!

A Treasure Trove of New Bequests

Conservation organization Forest & Bird also found success with their first Supporter Connection Survey.

The survey revealed over $11M of new bequests, including 243 supporters who confirmed they have included a gift to the organization in their will. 

The survey also found 241 supporters who said they intend to leave a gift in their will to Forest & Bird. The fundraising team will now steward these donors, guiding them to leave a heartfelt legacy gift.

Jess and her team are thrilled with their results!

“The figures speak for themselves!” Jess said. “We used to carry out an annual bequest acquisition mailing which brought in a respectable 100+ prospects. The Supporter Connection survey more than DOUBLED that number of new pledges!” 

Want to learn how you too can unlock the incredible generosity of your donors using the Supporter Connection Survey? If so, I have good news for you!

Moceanic co-founder Sean Triner will be teaching a FREE workshop very soon. It’s all about the game-changing, proven survey method to uncover “hidden” mid-level, major, monthly, and legacy donors.

Sean will show you how to do that while raising more money from your entire supporter file!

The Supporter Connection Survey has helped fundraisers like Leslie and Jess unlock a treasure trove of bequest leads. And it can do the same for you.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Sean’s upcoming free workshop. It could be transformational for your fundraising and your career!

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