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Using Christmas or Holiday Campaigns to Deepen Donor Relationships

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In some countries, and for some charities, Christmas (or Holiday) appeals are the biggest fundraisers of the year.

They also offer a wonderful opportunity to strengthen relations with some of your most generous and wonderful donors.

Try these ideas for your top donors…

  • Send them a beautiful gift before the appeal lands.  Something mission focused is great, like a locally made dream-catcher or a scarf from the village they have helped.  Can’t think of anything appropriate? Try flowers, sponsored by a local florist. It really works!
  • Call them, say thanks for previous donations and explain what they (not you) achieved with these donations. Finish by asking them to look out for a letter about whatever your case study is. For example ‘about Jane who cannot afford shoes for school…’
  • Two to five days before the campaign deadline, call those who haven’t donated yet, but usually do.  Ask them what they thought of the campaign and if they intended to donate. That’s a nice reminder and again, you are building on your relationship.
  • Call people who give to the campaign, say thank you and tell them what they will be achieving with that gift.  It is also an opportunity to ask for more if you are short of target.

All these things should work – but you need to be aware of the volumes.  You may only get through to a third to a quarter of those you want to speak to.  So make enough calls!

Want to know more about Mid-Value Donors? Sean covers this important topic in the Mid-Value Donor Super Course which is available for all members of The Fundraisingology Lab.


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