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VIDEO: How to Feel the Holiday Season When It’s Still Far Off

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One of the strange challenges of the serious fundraiser is the long stretch of time between when you should be crafting your messaging and when it finally goes out to donors.

And now, the midst of August, is when that gap is weirdest and most challenging, because you should be working on your end-of-year and holiday season fundraising now.

The most un-Christmasy time imaginable! It really causes cognitive dissonance to try to get into the holiday spirit at a time that’s so not that holiday!

Here are some simple writer’s hacks to help you, drawn from a long career doing year-end fundraising months before December.

I think you’ll like these simple approaches.

PS: And while you’re getting into the Holiday spirit, it’s also time to think about ways to strengthen your fundraising. I can show you how in my online course 7 Steps To Creating Record-Smashing Direct Mail (Without spending more time or money!) Check it out when you join The Fundraisingology Lab!

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