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12 Ways to Get “Unstuck” When You’re Struggling to Be Productive

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It’s not just you! Feeling “stuck” while you are trying to get your work done is something everyone faces at some time or another.

Here are some ways you can deal with that feeling and get back to that sense of happy productivity…

1. It’s not just you. We often blame ourselves when we’re stuck. We tell ourselves there’s something wrong with us, that we’re just being lazy, that we’re just not good enough. Everyone hits walls like this. Everyone. Famous people. People you think of as superheroes. Your friends, neighbors, every stranger you pass. They all get stuck some of the time. Once you convince yourself this isn’t some special failing of yours, you are on your way to being unstuck.

2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even if you’re having trouble believing that getting stuck doesn’t happen only to you, be nice to yourself about it. Give yourself room and compassion to get past it.

3. Breathe. Most of us hold our breath when we’re tense or worried. It’s not a good strategy. It reduces your oxygen supply and makes it harder to function well and think clearly. Take a few deep breaths. That will give you clarity and energy. Better yet, pray or meditate.

4. Freewrite. This is a no-rules, no-judgement exercise that can really get you going again. Basically, you just write any old thing for 10 minutes without stopping. It’s not something you’ll share. It doesn’t even have to make sense. But it can really work wonders for unsticking you. (Read more about it here: The No-Nonsense, Works-Every-Time Secret to Effective Writing  https://www.moceanic.com/2022/effective-writing/)

5. Clean your desk. Just putting stuff away can change your outlook. Symbolically you are changing the ground rules.

6. Move. Sitting keeps you where you are. Moving around, even a little, can shake you free by stimulating your circulation and getting your endorphins active.

7. Get out. Outside. The change and the fresh air can be a good re-start.

8. Progress, not perfection. We often trap ourselves into being stuck by a sense that “good” is not good enough. Accept progress, even if it seems small.

9. Switch projects. Move on from whatever you’re stuck on and do something else.

10. Call a friend. Human connection with someone you enjoy can change your perspective.

11. Read. It’s almost like going for a walk in its power to help you get unstuck.

12. Lean in to what’s blocking you. Think of yourself as the hero in a story and that project that has you stuck as your “dragon.” This can really help you focus on overcoming it.

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