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Her Donors Are Saying YES with Their Donations — and Also with Words of Praise

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Have you ever been complimented by a donor on the quality of your fundraising?

Okay, it’s not what fundraisers are seeking. But sometimes it happens.

Lisa Blackwell is a board member for Temple Concord in Binghamton, NY,  which also owns and operates a historic mansion that is used for events and other community gatherings, The Kilmer Mansion.  She has taken on fundraising for both and was calling donors to thank them for their gifts.

“One donor asked if we have outside help with our fundraising campaign,” she says. “He was shocked we were doing it ourselves. He commented on the Thanksgiving card and the letter and email appeal that followed this week.”

That’s not all that Lisa has experienced lately, since she joined The Fundraisingology Lab by Moceanic and took advantage of the online courses and the community support of the Facebook group.

First, she fielded a Supporter Connection Survey: “We had close to 20 people who responded to our survey indicate that they could or might be in a position to give $500 to $1,000 within six months. About half of them gave to help establish a matching gift fund of $30,000. Yay!” 

She also got responses from several more people who intend to include the Temple in their will — something that will result in very large gifts in the future.

“The lovely folks on The Fundraisingology Lab Facebook group helped me with everything,” she says.

These fundraising successes are important to Lisa, and she urges anyone — volunteer or professional — to join The Fundraisingology Lab.

“Listen to the brilliant folks at Moceanic”,  Lisa says. “They will never steer you wrong. Seriously, I have learned so much. I’ve helped my organization raise more money than I ever thought possible. And during a pandemic, even when I got internal pushback on fundraising at all (we shouldn’t be asking for money now, etc.). Thank you for the knowledge and the courage to do my best!”

You can get the support and training that will take you to new heights like Lisa — and so many others — by joining The Fundraisingology Lab by Moceanic. You’ll get the tools, the information, and the supporting community that will help you transform your fundraising career.

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