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New Digital Workshop Is Taking People to New Places

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You’ve seen this before: The digital hot-shot fires up his pitch for whatever it is he’s selling that promises to change the game for your fundraising.

He talks fast and gives a lot of details that can be hard to follow. And makes huge promises: basically, if you work with him and follow his system, you’ll spend the rest of your career on the beach, sipping cocktails while your donors pursue you, cash (or bitcoin) in hand, trying to donate as much as possible as quickly as they can!

Maybe you can tell, I’ve kind of had it with digital hot-shots. Like all of us, I need to be educated about the changing digital landscape, but I find so many of the hot-shots to be tiring and not very helpful with real-world fundraising.

One of the features of the digital revolution is that things can quickly change, and a shocking amount of revenue can end up with those who step up in the right place at the right time.

But we all know the reality is a little different.

Some digital breakthroughs really are exciting and useful for fundraisers. Others … not so much. And a lot of those breakthroughs aren’t great yet.

The whole digital world moves fast, changes constantly, and requires not only fundraising knowledge but technical expertise.

That’s why we listen to the digital hot-shot. We need help.

It’s also why there are so many of them out there who promise big and deliver … maybe.

I have some good news for you: We’ve found a digital hot-shot who can actually help you. And he won’t annoy you while he’s doing it. In fact, I hate to call him a hot-shot. He’s not that kind of person. He speaks at a normal tempo. He’s utterly practical and clear.

And he can help you get from point A to point B and beyond in your fundraising.

His name is James Herlihy. And you can meet him in The Fundraisingology Lab through his amazing new Digital Fundraising Course. It’s a multi-session online series you can take on your own time. It’s the things you can actually do, starting now, to raise more money online. Proven, practical, and realistic.

Our Fundraisingology Lab members are loving this course. Here’s what a few have shared in our online community:

I have found it SO good. Got lots of great tips from the email marketing workshop including adding newsletter sign-up on our Facebook home page, make sure you’re talking to your newsletter subscribers as well as your donors, the value of single focus emails vs. longer newsletters and multi-email campaigns – don’t stop at just one email. I’m going back to listen again.

James has been such a fountain of knowledge on all things digital. He seeks first to understand, so the solutions he provides are based around organizational goals and what will work best for us while keeping the long term and sustainability of our digital programme in mind. Being savvy in the digital space (that’s constantly evolving!) on top of knowing fundraising best practice is a tricky scenario to navigate. It’s good to know I don’t have to do it alone and I can come to James for advice and in turn know that I’ll have the opportunity to unpick, learn, grow and tackle my questions together with him.

James’ workshops are perfectly pitched for our staff.

I’ve been loving it! I’ve listened to all of them, and what I appreciate most is his focus on the basics of digital fundraising. Rather than emphasize complex ways to fundraise digitally that aren’t feasible for a small department like mine, I appreciate his tips on using email, what makes a donor-friendly website, and what to spend limited time focusing on. His workshops have been the most helpful digital fundraising workshops I’ve ever attended. Thank you!

Want more up-to-the-moment help for digital fundraising? Take our all-new and completely FREE online workshop, 3 Email Fundraising Mistakes That Cost You Tons of Donations. Featuring digital Fundraisingologist James Herlihy, this single session will help you leap forward in your online fundraising mastery. Sessions are coming up soon! More information here. 

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