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VIDEO: How Much Do You Cost?

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Too often we treat the time of fundraising professionals like you as if it’s a free resource.

But it’s not at all free. In fact, it’s the most precious and irreplaceable resource you have. And when you put a dollar value on your time, you’ll have good answers to questions you may have struggled with before:

  • Should I be working on that event we’re doing?
  • Should we outsource something I’ve been doing?
  • Is now the time to hire a new person?
  • Is it better for me to spend my time doing activity A, or activity B?

The formula gives you straightforward, no-ambiguity answers to questions like these. Because the second you put a real value on your time, the light will shine on those questions. And you’ll find that your time is treated with the respect it deserves!

The formula is easy. You can do it in your head. And watch how it guides your thinking and strategy! Watch the video!

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