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VIDEO: How to Tell Your Donors They’re Changing the World


Sean and I decided to explore the importance of thanking — in life and in fundraising — by looking into our own mailboxes at what some of our favorite charities have done to thank us.

Be inspired by some of the ideas these great charities have found for thanking their donors!

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  • Thank you both! That was a really great 5 minutes where I was able to tap into my gratitude for our donors, and think about how to make them feel really great about being our donors. I appreciate that access to the joy of doing this work during my otherwise quite busy week. I’m looking forward to some thank you communications!

  • Wow!!!! What an amazing tip! I am going to implement this now.

  • Tracy Shaughnessy
    November 27, 2019 3:52 am

    this was a great tip. Thank you for sharing. I had a question regarding the order of writing to your donors
    2. Write Thank you letter
    3. Write an Ask letter (appeal)
    What is the first letter and are you suggesting writing 3 seperate letters and how much time should be between each one?

    Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • When we talked about the order of writing, we weren’t talking about the order of SENDING separate pieces, but elements of one appeal. So when you write a fundraising piece, write the thank you message before you write the ask message. Of course, the donor will get the ask first, then the thank you. But you’ll write a stronger, clearer, most donor-focused ask if you’ve already thought through the thanking. (And that first thing we recommended writing was the reply device.)


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