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A Moment of Change – From Jeff Brooks

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Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house is finally dropped to earth by the tornado, and she cautiously opens the door to see where she is? As the door opens, you see outside — and it’s blazing with saturated, bright color. And it’s only then that you realize the film to this point has been a sort of sepia monotone.

It’s a breathtaking moment of change.

And something like it is happening to me right now.

I have joined the staff and management team of Moceanic. 

There’s a lot to say about this, but be assured that there’s something in this for you.

Moceanic is a global company dedicated to helping smart fundraisers achieve their potential and raise as much money for their causes as possible.

And I’m thrilled to be here for you, because Moceanic is shaping up to be the standard-bearer of the Fundraising approach I’ve been proud to be part of for a long time: Fact-based fundraisers who believe in donor love. (The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re probably a member of the group also. This is where your opportunity comes in.)

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a fundraising professional for almost 30 years. I blog at Future Fundraising Now, and I’ve written three books about fundraising.

I’ve spent most of my career at large fundraising agencies in the US. Agencies can be great places to work, because you work with very smart people, and serve a lot of different organizations. So you learn a lot about what works in fundraising and what’s happening in the industry. If you have any unsupported beliefs about fundraising (and we all do) — you’ll have them squeezed out of you working at an agency.

So it’s a little wrenching for me to walk away from that world. But Moceanic is different: Not an agency, not a specialist boutique. It’s more like a knowledge factory for fundraisers.

We do that in a few different ways:

Public online courses — basically media-rich webinars about fundraising subjects that are widely in demand. We’ve got some fantastic courses coming soon!

Bespoke courses — that is, custom-built training for organizations that want to improve their corporate knowledge and get everyone on the same page.

Coaching+ — a special way type of one-on-one training where we walk with you and guide you as you create great fundraising and you get even smarter.

Moceanic is a soulish company that exists to make the entire fundraising world more effective. And we’re doing it with a sense of fun.

Here’s where you get the chance to play with us at Moceanic: We’re offering a free 90-minute fundraising coaching session with me – worth US$995! All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire. We’ll choose two fundraisers for the free session.

Click here to get your chance for a free 90-minute online Coaching+ session with me. I hope to talk to you soon!

Thank you!

Jeff Brooks

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