When My Mum Helped My Fundraising

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Six years ago my mum helped me craft a little fundraising plan and story around my 40th birthday.

The campaign was featured on SOFII, including the letter.

Last week, mum was very ill so I got the next flight to England to say goodbye, and be with my sister and family.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time, but now I am here.

So I’m a bit behind on blogs and it also means that I am going to struggle with the next webinars (Thursday/Friday) because they clash with the service.

Life goes on, and I have lots of people needing to raise more money, save lives, the environment or generally make the world a better place.

The webinars will go ahead, with Kathy hosting live, but sharing my recording.  However, she will also gather your questions and I will answer them by video blog.

In the meantime, let me share the only time I featured mum in a fundraising campaign.  My friend and mentor Ken Burnett loved the campaign and email asking him for money.  So he published the case study on SOFII.

Check it out here, and whilst you are there feel free to chip in and help him keep SOFII running.

My mum happy on a visit to Uluru in 2003.

Best wishes,


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