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People’s Choice: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

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Here are the Moceanic Blog posts that most people read this year. If you missed them, now is your chance to read these classic fundraising posts.

#1: How to Prevent the Heartbreak of Boring Fundraising

This post by guest blogger Sheena Greer first appeared on the blog four years ago, but people keep finding and reading it. Boring fundraising is a waste of donors’ time, and it doesn’t work! Find out how to avoid this common problem.

#2: Why It’s So Hard to Get Charitable Bequests for Your Organization

Charitable bequests can transform your organization. And there are a lot of them coming in the next few years. Find out the ways you can connect with those donors who would be thrilled to put your organization in their wills.

#3: How to Critique Fundraising so You Help Make It Better

Chances are you are sometimes called on to look at fundraising written by someone else, and your job is to make it stronger and more effective. This post gives some of the secrets used by experienced fundraising pros to make sure they improve every project they touch.

#4: 5 Illusions that Keep You from Managing Your Time

Time management is funny. Many of the reasons we find ourselves unable to keep up with the time-crunch are illusions — false beliefs and mind tricks we play on ourselves. Knowing what these illusions are is half the battle of overcoming them and getting more control of your time.

#5: A Sad Good-Bye to One of Our Favorite People

The Moceanic community — the whole fundraising world, really — lost one of our best people earlier this year. Simone Joyaux leaves a painful absence behind, but we are so thankful for all she did to challenge and inspire our industry to be its best.

#6: What to Do When You Face a Bully

Most fundraising people are really nice. But even in our cozy corner of the world, there are bullies. We’ve all encountered them. Guest blogger Mary Cahalane’s post is a great guide for dealing successfully with a bully.

#7: How to Find and Cultivate Your “Hidden” Major Donors

You have donors who are giving far less to you than they could. They have the capacity for large gifts, but they’ve never given one to you. The problem is, you don’t know who they are or what it will take to unlock the giving they are capable of. This post will show you the things you can do to find those “hiding” major donors.

#8: The Tool That Can Take Back Control of Your Fundraising Life

The “Eisenhower Matrix” (yes, it’s named after that Eisenhower) can change your life. It’s a very straightforward way of looking at the things you have to do day-to-day, and it helps you set priorities so you keep up with what matters most.

#9: Fundraising vs. Stewardship: Which is More Important?

What’s more important: fundraising or stewardship? Asking or thanking and connecting with donors? This post can help you free yourself from the false dichotomy. It turns out those two “opposites” are really just different stages in the same relationship. Find out how you can strike the right balance.

#10: Don’t Let “Excellence” Intimidate You! You Can Be Excellent!

Does fundraising excellence seem like a distant goal that you hope to attain someday in the future? Good news: Excellence is a state of mind, and you can attain it now. With the knowledge, budget, and situation you already have. Find out how you can be truly excellent.

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