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Why You Need a Hobby

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When I was a kid, I was a collector. I collected coins, stamps, and rocks — among other things, like pinecones, trading cards, and any printed material that was not in English.

What a nerd. 

A hobby is something outside of all your must-do activities. It may remind you of nerdy childhood obsessions, but for adults, a hobby is an activity that fascinates you enough that you happily spend time on it and become at least a quasi-expert in it. 

Everyone needs a hobby. It’s more important than it seems.

Because if all you do is work and chores, your stress levels will rise and rise … and eventually something will “snap.” Your mind and body will grab your attention, and almost for sure in some way that you really don’t want to experience.

That’s why you might read this post at Michael Hyatt’s blog: The Science Behind Why You Need a Hobby   

Hyatt points out that a hobby…

… provides your brain the opportunity to focus on something else, freeing up and recharging your mental energy. When you invest time on something you enjoy outside of work, you gain a greater level of clarity, creativity, and various health benefits—and ultimately improve the quality of your work.

Hyatt recommends the following types of hobby:

  • Exercise
  • Outdoor recreation (fishing, hiking, camping etc.)
  • Cooking and gardening
  • Creative activities (photography, painting, music, etc.)
  • Reading

Having trouble finding a hobby that works for you?  Start small and work your way up. Say there’s a type of music you enjoy. Find out everything you can about it and listen to everything in the genre. Find out about the history, the people, and the controversies in that music. Become an expert, not just a fan.

The goal: Be obsessed with something other than your job.

It will make you happier, healthier, and more successful.

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