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Who Are Your Favourite Fundraising Mentors?

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Who are your favourite fundraising mentors/gurus/smarties?

How would you like to hear more from them?

We are going to invite more and more guest bloggers. Awesome people who have something to share. They don’t have to be established bloggers, just people who can write well and have something useful and practical to share.

Most of our blogs are written by Jeff and me, but we also have lots of guest bloggers too!

Have you read (or learned) something from someone who you would like to see write one of our guest blogs?

As well as sharing our values, they need to meet this criteria:

  • Evidence based. They don’t need to share the evidence, but we are after reality – not just opinions.
  • Interesting, engaging, well-written. OK, that’s subjective, but we are subjects!
  • Detailed enough to give practical and usable advice. (Most Moceanic posts are 800 words or more.)
  • Guest posts can be an extract from an article, summary of a book, webinar or whitepaper, and they can link to the source… but only if the source material is useful on its own.

And yes, you can nominate yourself…

Just contact us here with your message (showing how you or they meet the criteria – including values!)


Sean and Jeff

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