Sean Triner

Co-Founder of Moceanic and Pareto Group

I co-founded Moceanic with a big idea to connect smart fundraisers with the best fundraising experts in the world. Moceanic is a company built for a worldwide community of likeminded fundraisers like you.

What I Do At Moceanic
How I Can Help You With Your Fundraising
My Background
What I Do At Moceanic

My goal is to spend 80 per cent of my time producing great training materials or face to face (virtually!) with charity staff who want to raise more to help their beneficiaries.

I’ll be researching, producing content and recording videos and interviews to give you direct solutions to problems in fundraising, or open up brand new opportunities for your cause.

I’ll also be spending time working with my network of wonderful mentors and ‘inspirers’ like Jen Love, Ken Burnett, Tom Ahern and Simone Joyeaux to tap into their talent and knowledge on your behalf.

I see another part of my role to help to find undiscovered or little known talented fundraisers with ideas to share. Perhaps new fundraisers achieving great things, or established fundraisers who are a little shy.

If you’re even a bit like me, you understand that great fundraising comes from the head –knowing and applying fundraising knowledge — AND the heart — loving and respecting donors.

That’s my approach to fundraising and I hope you’ll join me.

How I Can Help You With Your Fundraising

Roger Craver describes me as a true data-led fundraiser. That means I take a data-driven approach whenever I help fundraisers. Don’t let that scare you off, though. Most people I work with find my approach refreshing and authentic. So here are just some of the areas I work in and love:

  • Direct marketing – every facet of it!
  • Online fundraising – from your website to your Facebook page and beyond
  • Mid value programs (usually a quick and easy way to increase revenue)
  • Legacies and bequests (my favourite because of the massive untapped potential for the sector)
  • Monthly giving programs have been my passion since I started in fundraising in 1989

“Sean has a clarity of thought and depth of knowledge that is invaluable… but his real skill is that he keeps it simple and cuts through the fluff and fakery!
Sarah, Cancer Society, New Zealand

My Background

Fundraising is all I have ever done – professionally I mean. Before smart phones, Facebook and a real internet I started in fundraising events in 1988 in Yorkshire England. Through events, direct marketing and then ‘finishing’ my charity-side work as marketing and communications director at Mind UK I left in 2002 to Australia.

In Australia I co-founded charity marketing full service agency Pareto Fundraising and charity call centre Pareto Phone.

I have worked in dozens of countries, and am fascinated by data and the nuances of fundraising in the different corners of the globe.

These days I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences and with boards and non-fundraising senior management on fundraising strategy all with a view to serious investment in helping charities make the world a safer, fairer, healthier, happier place.

Moceanic has fulfilled a dream to be able to help small and large charities, anywhere, grow their in house technical skills around fundraising.

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