Christiana Stergiou

Co-founder of Moceanic

The very fact that you’re reading this tells me you want to learn more about fundraising. You’re smart and you know that learning the right things in your job is going to raise your cause more money and make your job a thousand timesmore rewarding. Thanks for looking around and finding out more about me.

I don’t much go for fancy titles. Put simply, you are my number one priority. I’m here to make your fundraising learn awesome. From the minute you log in to our learning platform, any webinar you watch, any course you take. I’m working hard to make it a fun, practical and easy experience for you. I always want to hear from you about how my team and I can improve and serve you better.

Oh and just a note, our learning platform is a work in progress, please be patient with me. We’ve got big plans for where we want to be, but the smart fundraisers like you who take our courses and want to learn more will always guide us. So please contact me to tell me when something goes wrong, and when something goes right too.

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