Christiana Stergiou

Co-founder of Moceanic

The very fact that you’re reading this tells me you want to learn more about fundraising. You’re smart and you know that learning the right things in your job is going to raise your cause more money and make your job a thousand timesmore rewarding. Thanks for looking around and finding out more about me.

I don’t much go for fancy titles. Put simply, you are my number one priority. I’m here to make your fundraising learning awesome!

My passion is making The Fundraisingology Lab by Moceanic the best online learning community for fundraisers. Whether you are just beginning your fundraising career or are a seasoned professional, I’m here to help you achieve your biggest goals.

From the minute you log in to your membership area, any course or workshop you take or any guides and resources you use, I’m working hard to make it a fun, practical and easy experience for you. I always want to hear from you about how my team and I can improve and serve you better!

One thing I absolutely love about my role at Moceanic is helping fundraisers like you reach their goals. Because it’s not just about raising more money: it’s about helping you see your own potential, for your career and beyond.

People say I’m an expert at legacies and bequests too. In addition to making sure you have the best membership experience possible, I also love teaching all about bequests fundraising inside the learning community and in the Moceanic Coaching+ program. I truly have the best job ever!

You might want to know a bit more about me. I’ve done fundraising, consulting and teaching in Australia and Hong Kong (among a few other places).

I began my career in the nonprofit sector in 1995. It wasn’t long before I fell into fundraising, landing my first such role at Amnesty International in 1998. I then went on to work as legacy manager and fundraising manager for some of Australia’s most influential nonprofits, including the National Heart Foundation and Mission Australia.

I’ve served as the Australian ambassador for the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) and as the Australian and New Zealand ambassador for the International Fundraising Congress (IFC). Currently, I serve on the board of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

Serving you in the Moceanic community is by far the most rewarding experience!

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