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Welcome to the popular flagship workshop created by the experts at The Fundraisingology Lab! The Hidden Treasure of Fundraising workshop has helped hard-working fundraisers like you get proven, scientific results to raise more money… fast! You can take what you learn to your boss and your board. Even they’ll be impressed!

This game changing workshop was created for you. That’s right. YOU.

You may be a professional fundraiser with 20 years of nonprofit experience looking for today’s best practices. Or maybe you’re a volunteer suddenly in charge of your nonprofit’s fundraising with no clue what to do next.

One thing’s for sure. Wherever you are in your fundraising career, your schedule is full. Too full! You have lots to do, and not enough time or resources to get the job done.

Sound familiar? Well, don’t panic. Take a deep breath. And relax.

Because this workshop was created for YOU by Sean Triner, a leading expert in donor-focused fundraising. Sean Triner is a self-confessed fundraising math geek. He’s spent his entire career gaining real-world experience in what works in fundraising… and what doesn’t. His focus is on scientific data and proven results, not trends or fads. He founded The Fundraisinglology Lab to teach fundraisers like you, step-by-step, how to connect with donors and ultimately raise more money.

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Sean Triner
Strategic Fundraising Expert
Co-founder Moceanic and The Fundraisingology Lab

Sean Triner’s impact on the world of fundraising is hard to overstate.

In his career, he’s worked as a face-to-face fundraiser, as head of fundraising, and was the co-founder of the Pareto Group of fundraising agencies.

Sean has championed hyper-personalization, donor care letters, and Supporter Connection Surveys. And he developed the Pareto Benchmarking project too.

Sean has helped guide clients to raise record amounts of money, win awards and transform their nonprofits from small organizations to having multi-million-dollar turnovers. He’s convinced nonprofit boards of the value of fundraising and the need to invest in it.

People have described him as:

  • a fundraising expert
  • ‘our North Star’ and
  • having more energy than a labrador puppy – which makes him a perfect Dad to his Portuguese Water Dog, Ronaldo.

Behind these achievements is Sean’s commitment to changing the world. He’s never been one to sit back and accept things as they are. Instead, he leaps in and does what he can – raising money for incredible causes.

He values kindness and integrity. Is driven by love. And sees the potential in everyone he works with.

It’s those qualities that have impacted an entire industry and countless people across the world. He now spends his time teaching all he knows to fundraisers just like you all over the world.

If you feel burned out from too many demands… you’ll be gifted a map to the Ultimate Fundraising Trinity! Follow only one of these proven paths, or all three… and watch your fundraising goals soar.

If you’re constantly running on a hamster wheel trying to ‘do all the things’… you’ll learn what to focus on, so you get it right the first time. And what tasks to take off your schedule. Or even hand over to someone else so you can focus on what ONLY you can do!

If you’re getting demands for bigger results from your board… you’ll have a proven guide to get there! Treasure Map included… so you won’t have to guess what direction to take.

Sound good? Grab your calendar right now and schedule some time for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! Reserve your spot at the Hidden Treasure of Fundraising workshop. It’s only offered for a limited time, so don’t wait!

What you’ll get when you join the Hidden Treasure of Fundraising Workshop Today…

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    Gain confidence in asking your donors for help any time you need them… even if you asked (and they gave) already!

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    Learn that fundraising is an investment and not a cost! When you apply this financial truth – ‘it takes money to make money’ – you’ll unlock the growth you’ve been looking for.

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    Discover the secrets of the Ultimate Fundraising Trinity! Focus your fundraising efforts on even one of the three paths… and watch your results skyrocket!

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    Get a simple fundraising plan, backed by science, to help you make progress on your fundraising goals FAST! You’ll even get a Treasure Map to guide your way.

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    Gain access to an exclusive online community of like-minded fundraisers from more than 18 countries! Learn how The Fundraisingology Lab provides a one-stop shop of more than 30 in-depth CFRE-rated fundraising courses you can access whenever you need.

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    If you’re a Certified Fund Raising Executive, you’ll add 1.5 points to your Continuing Education credits! And, you’ll have access to over 100 more credits when you become a member of The Fundraisingology Lab!

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P.S. Don’t forget your Bonus Gifts!

Bonus #1
Just for joining this limited time workshop, you’ll get this valuable Treasure Map to The Hidden Treasure of Fundraising. Absolutely free! You might even want to print it out and post it over your desk. Many people who’ve taken the workshop say it keeps them focused on what’s most important… your donors!

Bonus #2
in case you need a good excuse for your boss… for those of you looking to add to your yearly continuing education credits, The Hidden Treasure of Fundraising workshop is worth 1.5 CFRE points!

Treasure Map folded paper

Bonus #3
We’ll send you a copy of “The Value of You!” When you do the maths (as Sean always says!) you’ll discover exactly how valuable YOU are to your organization. Many of our fundraisers have gained the confidence to negotiate a well-deserved pay rise using this simple calculation!

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