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[WEBINAR REPLAY] COVID-19: 5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis

These are uncertain times and so much has changed in the last few weeks, but the team and I here at Moceanic are here to help.

I recently ran a free webinar on Facebook, COVID-19: 5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis. Watch the replay below and discover how you CAN survive this unexpected crisis:

  • Learn how to avoid a fundraising catastrophe
  • Understand how you can take control of the situation
  • Discover how to recover lost events income
  • Key strategies for crisis and emergency campaigns
  • A free downloadable cheat-sheet: COVID-19 and Your Fundraising
  • Learn from what other fundraisers asked me during this live webinar

To help support fundraisers like you through this crisis, we have left the doors open to join The Fundraisingology Lab by Moceanic, just when you could really use it — but not for much longer! Get the tools, the information, and the supporting community that will take you to new places in your fundraising career. Check it out here.

If you know someone else who could benefit from membership in The Fundraisingology Lab, send them this link: They’ll thank you!

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