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VIDEO: Blithering Nonprofit Executives Discuss Making Direct Mail Great Again

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The Blithering Nonprofit Executives decide they can make direct mail a lot better by making a few much-needed “reformations.”

  • Communicate a lot less often!
  • Get rid of all that syrupy emotion and instead use facts and stats!
  • Replace the boring old letter with a cool-looking brochure!
  • Stop communicating with the top donors!

You might recognize these ideas, as they are brought to the table on a regular basis.

Be careful about what the Blithering Nonprofit Executives want to do. They can do deep and long-lasting
damage to your fundraising.

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  • Natalie Anne Lanoville
    March 22, 2019 3:14 am

    I hear that’s the next big thing in donor psychology: WWJBCL (What Would Jeff Brooks’ Cat Like). It’s turning donor communications on its head.



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