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VIDEO: Blithering Nonprofit Executives Brainstorm a Donor Newsletter

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Two Blithering Nonprofit Executives … old farts … excuse me, make that nonprofit leaders — the kind of people who make a lot of decisions in fundraising these days (though not a whole lot of the actual work), brainstorm the content of their donor newsletter.

We at Moceanic managed to record the video of their web conference, and share it with you as a warning:  Don’t let this happen to you and your newsletter!

A well-built donor newsletter can raise a lot of funds — and really improve donor retention.  Because it meets the needs of donors. It makes them glad they gave … and more likely to keep on giving.

But none of this is likely when your newsletter is based on the opinions and likings of people who don’t know the sometimes counterintuitive truths about what makes a donor newsletter work.

You can resist the uninformed direction of Blithering Nonprofit Executives (who can be found in all ages, backgrounds, genders, and IQ levels) by knowing the facts.

This is why you should join The Fundraisingology Lab and get access to Tom Ahern’s powerful Moceanic course, Making Money with Your Donor Newsletter.

It could be one of the most important and impactful decisions you make this year.

And when they see the results, even the Blithering Nonprofit Executives will thank you for doing the right things in your donor newsletter!

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  • Made me laugh out loud – and cry a bit too.

  • Anne Bradley
    May 16, 2018 10:53 pm

    Gentlemen! You MADE my morning! I needed a good laugh…and you provided me with just that. I have experienced some of these challenges in my newsletter writing experience! I am hoping to take Tom’s course and purchasing before the May 24th deadline to receive the discount. Thank you for providing a light moment as I gear up to write my next newsletter. Always looking to improve content and impact. Love the music you chose as well…so appropriate. Made me think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh!

  • Hilarious. Made my day.

  • This is hysterical. And also devastating, because it’s so extraordinarily pervasive. #savethenewsletters

  • Seriously brilliant! The examples we have all seen over the years……!

  • Too funny and oh so true!

  • What are the chances of posting videos with captions for hard of hearing people who want to learn about fundraising?

    • Jeff Brooks
      May 29, 2018 2:11 am

      We caption most of our videos, though sometimes there’s a lag. This one will be captioned very soon! Thanks for asking.

  • Oh, I needed this today. All of it = so true. Thank you!


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